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Who we are

We're here to grow & support your ideas.

Our partners come to us searching for an experienced agency with a good reputation. Valet is a distributed team from diverse backgrounds. We build with quality and create with authenticity. When it come to concepts, the end user is always right.

We’ve spent years honing our craft. Our valets are artisans, industry leaders, public speakers & support the WordPress community. If you’re looking for an authentic, intelligent and experienced team—you’ve come to right place.

Everyone Starts Here…

The First Step: Research

Since the Valet experience is based on truly understanding our clients, we begin by getting to know you… closely. We look for the true causes of your problems, identify areas for improvement, and create a roadmap for your future success.

Our diverse team performs a rigorous review of your site from many different angles, then we present our findings & recommendations in a document with clear next steps. The Audit is a solid plan—a roadmap that shows you where to go next & helps you prioritize your efforts.

What's covered in an Audit?

  • Understand your true pain points & goals.
  • Line-by-Line review of themes & plugins.
  • Recommendations on UX & UI design.
  • Review hosting, caching & CDNs.
  • In-depth review of your SEO.
  • DNS & database structure recommendations.
  • Highlight security issues & outdated practices.
  • Actionable, well-planned steps to help you get on the path to a solution.
  • Review of other areas of strategy, based on request.

Happy Clients

Scott Deidun American Massage & Bodywork Institute
John Dusek
Mike Brannan Centric Consulting
Cassandra Skoufalos, InStyle Magazine Media Upstarts website for Time Inc.
Rebecca Churt OpenView Partners
Nico Secunda Video Membership & Redesign for Shamanism

“I felt like I truly had a vested partner all along the way, and believe Valet is just as interested in our success as if they were team members of our school. The dedication, commitment, and the results are all just phenomenal, and I am so pleased with the decision to use Valet to help us in designing our company’s image.”

- Scott Deidun, American Massage & Bodywork Institute

“Centric has been working with Valet for the past few years and just completed a large project that required a significant amount of custom development work and WordPress expertise. The end result exceeded our expectations. When we need them, Valet is there to help and to do the job well. That peace of mind is hard to come by. Thank you!”

- Mike Brannan, Centric Consulting

Valet was wonderful to work with in creating the Media Upstarts website for Time Inc. From the start of our campaign, every member of their team treated each step of the process with the utmost professionalism, dedication and excitement. Valet has a unique vision to their work and brings an invigorating creative lens that helped shaped the Media Upstarts website to function and look the best it can. I look forward to working with Valet again in the future!

- Cassandra Skoufalos, InStyle Magazine, Media Upstarts website for Time Inc.

“I was pleasantly surprised by what you guys gave us. I have received audits done by vendors in the past and they were always sub-par, but you guys really surpassed all expectations. Well done!”

- Rebecca Churt, OpenView Partners

I truly appreciate the great work everyone put into this project & the amazing way it flowed so smoothly. I’m extremely happy with everything, and I look forward to continuing to work with all. Once again, thank you. You’re an amazing, kind & extremely capable team. It’s refreshing to work with such a great crew, and it’s a pleasure to know each of you.

- Nico Secunda, Video Membership & Redesign for Shamanism

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