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Do This 20 Minutes Every Day to Better your Business

If I told you there were three simple things you can do every day to make your business better, would you believe me?

We’ve all seen the late night infomercials…30 minute workouts, 8 minute abs, 3 minutes this and 4 minutes of that.

It all sounds like marketing hype and to some extent it is, but the fact remains that if you do anything consistently for any length of time every single day, logic dictates that there will be a pay off.

It’s simply a numbers game.

20 Minutes with your Customers

Whatever your product or service is, you started your business for a reason. Chances are that reason was because you found some task or process more difficult than it needed to be and you created a solution.

You were in the trenches and experienced a pain point and so do those people who are utilizing your business or who could become your customer or client.

Take the time to remind yourself daily of why you started your business and who it is supposed to be serving.


The only way to know if you’re serving your market well is to listen to the people who are using your products or services. They will tell you if you’re doing things right or if you’re missing the mark.


It’s not just your existing customers you need to be paying attention to, it’s also your potential customers.

Get creative by searching industry-related hashtags and keywords not only on Google, but also on Facebook Graph Search and Twitter Advanced Search.

The results you get from looking beyond your daily task list can open you to new opportunities for products and new markets that you may not have considered previously.

Take Action

Finally, knowing what your customers (or potential customers) are saying doesn’t do you any good unless you can create some kind of actionable items from what you hear and see happening in your industry.

Reply to a Tweet. Leave a comment on a Facebook thread. Send a direct email to someone via their blog post talking about you and your products.

Not only will this foster feedback so you can make your business better, but it also goes a long way in reputation building within your specific community.

20 minutes a day. That’s all it takes.

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