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Month: February 2014

DevOps WordPress Admin White Screen
The WordPress Admin White Screen Mystery

It Started with a Customer Support Ticket This is a true story about an eCommerce website and how it’s sales stopped suddenly in the middle of the day. For no apparent reason. This business gets a steady stream of transactions on any given day, both for their free and paid products. It’s not uncommon to…

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Marketing & Content Lead Tracking WordPress Plugin
What Are Your Customers Doing Before They Contact You?

Lead Tracking in WordPress If you’re running a business powered by WordPress, it’s likely you have at least one contact form on your site or you may have several. People who contact you are likely sharing important information through your forms that will help you to understand their needs, but have you considered HOW they…

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Marketing & Content Business Blogging Topic Inspiration
Inspired Business Blogging

Business Blogging Can Be Difficult That statement above applies to all types of blogging, not just business, but it can be particularly hard to find topics depending on the focus of your business. In this post we’ll focus on what blogging for business means and how to keep inspired to write about topics that your…

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WordPress Maintenance Mode – The Ultimate Guide

What is Maintenance Mode in WordPress? As you build or maintain any WordPress-powered website, sometimes you need to block access to your site from public view. This is known as putting your site into Maintenance Mode. There are several reasons for wanting to do this. The two most common reasons are when you’re performing theme…

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Optimization Images for Search Engines

Do Optimized Images Matter for Search Engines? As we work with our clients on WordPress maintenance and migration projects, we are increasingly often asked about Search Engine Optimization. As you know, SEO tactics and techniques are continually changing as Google and other search engines refine their algorithms to provide smarter and more relevant search results….

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WordPress Kimberly Lipari
WP Valet Profiles – Kimberly Lipari – Director of Accounts

Describe your position at WPV and what you do. My position at WP Valet is a mix of duties. Mostly I spend my time coordinating development projects and getting custom development underway. I play “translator” between the clients, our support staff, and developers to ensure that we get the BEST service possible for our clients….

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