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Month: September 2014

Marketing & Content
Shell Shock: The Bash Bug on Servers Hosting WordPress

Linux and Unix-based web servers, the safest you can get! While that may be true, no operating system (or software for that matter) is perfect.

The Bash Bug, also known as the Shell Shock vulnerability, presents a mega serious security problem for all servers that currently have “bash”(short for Bourne Again Shell) installed.

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Marketing & Content AB Testing your Main Page
A/B Testing – When to Say When

A/B testing; also known as multivariate testing, is the testing of two versions of a web page – an A version (the control) and a B version (the variation) — with live traffic and measuring the effect each version has on your conversion rate. We’ve been performing A/B tests since the launch of our new design, but…

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DevOps Migrate WooCommerce to WP Engine
How to Migrate WooCommerce to WP Engine Properly

WooCommerce is a well-known and solid eCommerce platform, and WP Engine has established itself as a leader in the Managed WordPress hosting space. These two facts alone should be enough to consider WP Engine for hosting your WooCommerce powered business. We’ve migrated hundreds of WooCommerce sites to WP Engine. In this post, we’ll detail a few…

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