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Month: February 2015

Resources Bright Shiny Objects Syndrome
Bright Shiny Objects

As a business owner, it’s imperative to stay ahead of the competition. The only way to do this is to *follow up on every idea and new innovation you can within your industry.* At least, that’s the mistake many of us can make. Its called “SOS” or Shiny Object Syndrome. It can cripple your ability…

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‘The Client Whisperer’

Creating rapport and trust with your clients is a never-ending job. By adding a few key words to your vocabulary you can make this easy. Our own Kimberly Lipari, the COO here at WP Valet, recently published a blog post over at WP Elevation outlining several key words that should be present in every client…

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Marketing & Content
Bring Your Sales Process into Your Web Copy

In times past, customers walked into store fronts and were greeted by a friendly face of a happy sale clerk. This sales clerk set the tone for the sale, explained product details, and created a good rapport with the customer. They answered questions, overcame objections, and highlighted any special offers. Now, much sales communication happens…

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WordPress Build a Social Network with WordPress
BuddyPress: Create a Social Network for Your Customers

Are you familiar with BuddyPress and its features? If you’re not, BuddyPress has a suite of plugins that can be installed in your WordPress powered site to help you run any kind of social network with member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, and more. BuddyPress works with both single and Multisite WordPress installations. How BuddyPress…

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Marketing & Content Freemium Business - The Art of Giving
How to Get More Business from the Internet by Giving

The internet is an amazing thing. It’s filled with freely available information to those who seek it, but it didn’t take long for access to some information to become monetized. Monetization is not a bad thing, but imagine if all information and software on the internet was behind a paywall. The internet wouldn’t be so amazing,…

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