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Month: April 2015

Should Your Business Have a Mobile App?

You know that having a mobile-friendly business website is now more important than ever, but what about mobile apps? Do they still matter as much as they used to? It’s especially important to consider this question when thinking about the brand recognition and marketing of your business and it’s products and services. Let’s take a…

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Website Management Mobile Responsive Examples
Should You Be Concerned If Your Business Website Isn’t Mobile-Ready?

Just a few days ago, Google announced a major change to its search algorithm. In short, they are now giving preference to sites that are “mobile-ready” when seen in search results on mobile devices. This makes sense because if you’ve ever tried to navigate through a website on your phone that was not mobile-ready, you quickly…

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Marketing & Content McDonalds Twitter Campaign Gone Wrong
Social Channels for Business – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Having a presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social outlets is now the standard for most businesses. Its a great method to further your marketing reach to potential customers as well as a quick way for your existing customers to ask questions, report issues and interact with real humans at your company. However, there are…

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Marketing & Content mailchimp-email-segmentation
A Two Step Email Marketing Method for Telling Your Customers They Are Special

Sending an email campaign might be common knowledge to some of you, but even if you send regular news and promotions to your customers you may be able to benefit from this simple method I utilized recently. Email marketing can be a simple matter of writing a newsletter update but when your goal is increased engagement and…

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