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Month: April 2018

Ongoing Support
The Right Way to Respond to Google’s Mobile-First Initiative

Google’s Mobile First initiative. Have you heard about this yet? You have? Great. But what are you planning to do in response to it? Nothing? OK, that’s not great. Not great at all. Because ignoring Mobile First is a surefire way to sink your website’s rankings in Google search. A big drop in rank portends…

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Accessibility for Your Website is a Must—Here’s Why

Per Valet: “Accessibility…is your friend. You should embrace it like a friend because it’s going to help you be more successful (not to mention keep you out of legal hot-water). Don’t let the dread-inducing terminology of the [accessibility] guidelines scare you. The more you know about them, the less trepidation you’ll feel.”

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WordPress WordPress 4.9.5 Security and Maintenance Release

WordPress has released version 4.9.5. Valet clients will see this update occur on their sites as part of their Care Plan. All releases have been checked for compatibility with your current installation. If you are utilizing the automatic updates feature you have likely already received the update. If you are not using this feature you can visit…

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