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3 Things You Need for a Successful Membership Website

Membership sites are becoming very popular today, from niche “self help” information services to multi-million dollar businesses. No matter what type of membership site you’re creating, ALL have 3 essential keys to working properly and becoming successful. These keys are what you need technically to build a membership site. We’ll also discuss which tools out there can help you get started right away!

Key 1: Member Levels

Member levels are key 1 because they are the most important functionality, and the other two keys rely on it. Member levels are a way for you to group members into one single unit. For example:

  • Basic Level – 600 members
  • Gold Level – 372 members
  • Platinum Level – 12 members

Levels allow you to control a large group of users rather than each user individually. Why is this important?  Let’s go on to key 2 and see.

Key 2: Content Protections & Access

Content Protection and Access are what make people purchase your membership. This key gives you the ability to block or allow users from viewing certain content or material. Content protection for a membership site is based on member levels. Here is an example of how this works:

  • About Us Page – Everyone can view
  • Successful Business Page – Only Basic, Gold, or Platinum Level users can see
  • Phone Support Page – Only Platinum Level users can see

You can start to see why member levels are so important now, right? Instead of controlling every single user’s access, you are grouping users together and allowing groups to access (or not access) content. Your next question may be: “Now, how can I get users into the correct group?” This is where key 3 comes in.

Key 3: Member Registration Process

Member registration is what brings key 1 and key 2 together and, the best part, gets you paid! Your member registration controls which member level a paying user gets. It allows users to select and view content for which they’ll pay. In order for this to work properly, BOTH key 1 and key 2 must be setup. Without key 1, the user has no level to be put into. Without key 2, the user has no reason to register.

You can see how all three play an important part and are connected in order to help you create a successful membership website.


Two tools that work great together to accomplish all 3 keys are WordPress and WishList Member. WordPress provides the platform for you to create content and users. WishList Member gives you the functionality to create member levels, content protection, and even the registration process. WishList Member integrates with a ton of shopping carts that will allow you to easily take payments and get your users the information they want.

Check out this awesome video that recaps what you just read and shows you how to successfully setup your membership site with these important keys.

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