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5 Reasons to Build your Business Around WordPress

WordPressBefore I was eyeball deep in WordPress projects, I was a humble Web Developer working 40 hours a week at a job I hated. Maybe you can relate to this and is why you are here reading this article. Lets talk about getting you out of that office and into your new business that is built around WordPress and why it’s a no brainier to do so.

1. WordPress is Free

How often do you come by a free, well-built product? Not very often! WordPress core system is completely free for you to use and do whatever your heart desires. Free means that your business now has a lower margin to make up for allowing you to offer a great product to your customers while keeping the price low.

2. Large Community

The large community is one of the best reasons to move to a WordPress based business. With this  community, you have access to an endless supply of plugins and themes which can cut your work time in half. Also, with large communities comes an endless amount of WordPress businesses that can help you. A perfect example of this is the emerging WordPress managed hosting empire, WPEngine. These guys host .06% of the 50 million WordPress sites out there. Other notable mentions are premium WordPress theme provider WooThemes and WPMU plugin extraordinaire WPMU Dev. These companies offer great products that can help take your business to the next level by providing you and in turn your customers great service.

3. Great Support

Mentioned previously, WordPress has a very large community. With this large community come experts that are willing to help. provides a forum where you can post your questions and get answer pretty quickly. Their also companies like us that provide dedicated support to their clients. This means your business is never alone when a problem arises.

4. Large Audience

Business 101 states to validate your business idea and check to see if you have an audience to buy your product or service. Now, I can’t tell you that your business idea is great and validated but I can assure you that if built around WordPress, you have an audience for sure. Actually, you have about 50 million sites worth of audience to go for. With those kinds of numbers, a multimillion dollar business is not to far-fetched.

5. Scalable

WordPress has been around for 9 years and shows no sign of letting up. Every time a new technology is introduced to the web world, WordPress finds a way to implement it into the system. So has technology changes, so does WordPress which in turn means your business. You can have confidence that when you build your business on WordPress, your business will have a life long partnership with a stable system.


WordPress is an awesome platform to build your business around. Looking through the 5 points above, I hope you’re jumping out of your seat wanting to get out of that tiny cubical of an office. Now that you have seen why WordPress is a good platform to build your business around, you may be asking yourself ‘What business opportunities are out their for WordPress?’. Next week, we’ll discuss what business opportunities you can take advantage of in the WordPress Eco-system.


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