WordPressLast week, we discussed 5 Reasons to Build your Business Around WordPress. Hopefully, that article got you pumped to get out of your cubical and into your own business.

The next question you may be asking yourself is, "How should my business be built around WordPress?" Good question, but the real question should be, "What do I want to do for WordPress?"

Building a business takes dedication and passion. So make sure you find a fit you enjoy doing. That way, making money is just a bonus!

This article is going to go into the different types of business opportunities built around WordPress – and it will explain what you should enjoy doing to succeed in that niche.

Web Services Specializing in WordPress

The most popular way to create a business around WordPress is to offer web services that have a WordPress niche. This would be designing and developing websites using WordPress and marketing yourself as a WordPress specific company.

What you should enjoy:

You should enjoy being a one-stop shop. At first, it will be just you working on the project. You should be able to handle the WordPress setup, theme customization, plugin configurations, and migration tasks that need to be done. Also, you should have excellent writing and speaking skills because you’ll need to interact with potential and current clients.


WordPress Problem SolvingConsultation is an upcoming business opportunity. Yes, you offer consultations to all clients when you run a web services business, but this type of consultation is a bit different – basically, you’ll specialize in consulting only for WordPress.

What you should enjoy:

You should enjoy problem solving and communicating with others. As a consultant, you will rarely find a project that doesn't have some sort of problem that needs resolving.

You have to be highly organized and able to juggle multiple projects at once. You won't do the actual development or design, but you will take on more of a project manager role.

Theme Design/Development

This is an opportunity to make big bucks. Companies like WooThemes and StudioPress come to mind in this niche.

You have the ability to create a loyal fan base willing to pay you monthly for your new designs. This means you get to spend time doing what you love while having a steady income.

What you should enjoy:

You should enjoy being elbows deep in code and having your clothes covered in Photoshop Color Palettes. You should also enjoy communicating with others about your product because you’ll need to find loyal fans and customers.

Plugin Development

Plugin development is a great way to create a booming business. From SEO to maintenance tasks, plugins are the heart and soul of WordPress.

What you should enjoy:

You should enjoy the same things as a Theme Designer/Developer. But, on top of that, you should have a unending drive to make your product better and stay on top of your plugin niche.


Supporting WordPress websites can be a rewarding challenge. You’ll be in the front lines helping WordPress sites achieve greatness. At WP Valet we find ourselves in this business opportunity.

What you should enjoy:

This role is like a consultant, but now you’re tackling problems as they come – rather than predicting them. You have to love helping people and be passionate about WordPress to take on this kind of job.

Content Creation

Words For WordPressWords For WordPress capitalized on this market as specialists in content for WordPress websites. Content creation can range from documentation for plugins to post and page content.

What you should enjoy:

Naturally, you should love to write! You should also love to do research and help people spread their message.

WordPress Hosting

With Managed WordPress hosting, you’ll exclusively host WordPress based websites, manage WordPress upgrades, and oversee a WordPress support team. You’ve probably noticed that businesses like WPEngine and Page.ly look very profitable.

What you should enjoy:

Do the words "Server Crash" make you shake in your little space boots? If so, WordPress hosting is not for you. You need to enjoy standing (either physically or remotely) in server rooms and pushing your servers to peek performance.

So what about you? Which of these WordPress business opportunities are a good fit for you?