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Author: Josh Shashaty

Site Health
How We Approach Website Speed

Planning this article was an interesting experience.  My goal was to publicize what Valet’s opinion and approach is to website speed.  At the same time, I needed to express that opinion in a way that’s different from your typical blog post about website speed.   I think the best way to do that is to…

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Welcome Pantheon as a Preferred Partner!

The WP Valet team loves building strong relationships in the community. It’s exciting to grow and work with new people. This month, we’re very happy to announce that Pantheon—a WordPress and Drupal hosting company—is now working with WP Valet as partner. To get things off to a smooth start, our team took a trip out to San Francisco…

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Why We Choose Pagely for WordPress Hosting

Towards the end of the 2014/early 2015 we migrated all of our internal sites and managed host clients sites to Pagely’s servers. While we knew this was a huge undertaking we feel that our job at WP Valet is to stay as true as possible to our mission of providing the BEST service possible for our clients. We’ve been…

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News & Events
Our trip to WordCamp San Francisco 2014

We know WordCamp San Francisco is the WordCamp of all WordCamps. While Mason, our Co-Founder/CEO, had experienced the event before, the rest of us hadn’t.

So five of us from our team decided to head to the conference, rent a house (with a few other awesome friends attending the event), use Uber & Lyft to get around and town, and give San Francisco our all. (more…)

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