Author: Kimberly Lipari

WordPress 5.1 Release

Last week announced the release of the latest version of WordPress core code. There was some concern late last year about maintaining momentum in release schedules, but the team seems to be keeping them coming. You may remember that release 5.0 brought us the new WordPress editor. This major release brought about significant changes read more

Podcast: Website Health with Mason James and Rich Smith

Have a listen as Mason and Rich talk about Valet’s unique perspective read more

Embracing the New WordPress Editor

I’m writing this post in the new WordPress editor. We’ve been testing it for a while… read more

Accessibility as the User Experiences It—Or Not

Your Goal: Accessibility for All Accessibility means what it implies—unfettered web use. Wanna know what it feels like to use a fettered web site? Just go online and try navigating your own website for an hour without the benefit of a mouse or trackpad. Frustrating, much? Absolutely. But this is what people with impairments encounter read more

Web Accessibility is a Problem Only If You Allow It to Be One

You may be surprised to learn that there is a potentially sizable return on investment awaiting you after making your website more accessible to the disabled. Indeed, accessibility and SEO are intertwined—improve the former, and the latter naturally follows right along. And who doesn’t want better SEO? read more

Why your WordPress website needs a GDPR audit fast

GDPR audit. You likely need one if you operate a blog. Or a website, a newsletter, an e-commerce store, or anything online that harvests user data. And you’ll need that GDPR audit soon, like yesterday—because Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (that’s what GDPR stands for) went into effect May 25. So you better find out read more

Accessibility for Your Website is a Must—Here’s Why

Per Valet: “Accessibility…is your friend. You should embrace it like a friend because it’s going to help you be more successful (not to mention keep you out of legal hot-water). Don’t let the dread-inducing terminology of the [accessibility] guidelines scare you. The more you know about them, the less trepidation you’ll feel.” read more