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Author: Kimberly Lipari

Kimberly is a co-founder of WP Valet. She manages the company infrastructure and operations.
WordPress Jesse Peterson - Genesis Expert
WP Valet pairs with Premier Genesis Business for NEW tailored service

At WP Valet we have always kept the client at the forefront of our philosophy. This is what has separated us from all other agencies since day one. Instead of focusing on a project or job, we look at the BIG picture and treat each client as a whole business, not just a URL or…

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Resources build-your-own-website
5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Website

So you want to build your own website. There are HUNDREDS of services and DIFY (do it for you) setups out there that promise instant websites. Many offer free or very cheap solutions for business owners wanting to toss up a quick online presence. These free sites are great for a quick proof of concept for an idea, or…

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News & Events
WP Valet turns ONE!

This week marks the One Year Anniversary of WP Valet ! By way of celebration we have decided to go out and buy GIFTS for our clients and friends! Now, before you go running to your mailbox to check for a WP Valet mug or pair of socks, let me explain. Over the course of the last…

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Marketing & Content Shellshock and Business
Feel Helpless Over the Latest ShellShock Vulnerability? What Business Owners Should Know.

After the recent Heartbleed fiasco, tech companies and non-tech companies alike are on top of major breaches in computer security. Chances are you’ve already heard about “ShellShock“. These snazzy names for security breaches are meant to generate fear and awe, and while they may sound like they are irrelevant to you, they are actually closer…

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Marketing & Content
A Perspective on the WordPress Philosophy Discussions

You could call this post “notes from an outsider”…only, I’m not an outsider anymore.  Yes, the majority of my professional career was spent doing very different work than WordPress, but to say I have no WordPress experience wouldn’t be true, I’m far from being a beginner. My name is Kimberly and I’m a co-founder and…

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