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Author: Mason James

CEO | Founder WP Valet
Website Development Shamanism - Custom Website Development - Nico Interview
Meet Our Custom Website Development Client: Nico Secunda

Valet recently launched a custom website development project for the Dance of the Deer Foundation, and we decided to check in & see how our client felt about the results. We chatted with the site’s Managing Director, Nico Secunda.


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News & Events
PressNomics 2016 Conference Highlights

We’re excited to kick off 2016 with some great conferences, including one of our favorites—PressNomics! Our team headed west last week to Arizona to attend PressNomics 2016. One of the highlights of the conference was meeting with folks face-to-face whom we typically only get to see online in the WordPress space. (more…)

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Maslow’s Hierarchy for Your WordPress Website

Maslow’s Hierarchy is a theory of human need often expressed as a pyramid. Starting at the bottom, the most fundamental human needs (food, water, shelter) are in the larger section. Towards the top of the pyramid, it moves up towards growth and self-actualization (love, esteem, and being your best.)   (more…)

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Website Development Web Developers Available by Phone Image
Should Your Web Developers Be Available by Phone?

We’re all familiar with the nightmare that can be working with a web developer on a project. You talk to someone on the phone and via email. They really seem to understand how to build websites. The pricing matches your expectations. And so, not having many clear expectations, you agree to the build—paying half up…

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PressNomics 2016 Conference: Arizona, Here We Come!

Next week, part of Valet team will be at the PressNomics 2016 conference in Phoenix. It’s March 3-4th—with a golfing or botanical gardens day on the 5th. We’re excited to be attending (and sponsoring) this awesome conference. If you’ve never heard of PressNomics, it’s a terrific conference for the minds that power the WordPress Economy….

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Website Management
Looking for Meaningful Metrics? Meet Our New Product: Valet Dashboard

Recently I made the bold statement that you absolutely should not hire a company to provide WordPress maintenance for your website.  It’s something I’ve thought about a lot, and I’m glad to finally get the discussion going online. We received great comments and feedback from the post already.  If you haven’t read it yet, check it…

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