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Author: Milos Milosevic

Website exceeding traffic limits— is it real, or is it bots?

Most of the WordPress hosting companies track the number of visits for the website. Then based on that they set pricing plans. Here is the common scenario: the website was running for years on one hosting plan. Then, you received an email saying that your visits are UP and the website is exceeding traffic limits….

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Export specific data from WordPress in CSV

Here is a scenario, you have Events Calendar plugin and 7k+ of events that you need to export. How do you do it? WordPress has a built-in tool for export but that does not leave much room for control or to customize your export file. That can be a pain and that is why it…

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How to Add Tracking Code in the WordPress Website Head Section

There are several ways of adding tracking code, and in this article, we will list some. Hopefully you find this helpful. Adding Tracking Code Options Option 1, use the plugin: You can use Insert Headers and Footers plugin, and the first step is to install it on the website. Once you activate the plugin go…

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Ongoing Support
3 easy steps to deal with “your site is broken” user reports.

It’s common for users to report that they’ve experienced errors using your website. It’s also common for users to think that it’s actually your website that is causing the problem. There are dozens of factors at any given minute that control a user’s experience online. Connection speed (upload and download independently), browser version, OS, background…

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Data Security
Moving from Password Expirey to 2 Factor Authentication

Whether you have a large membership site or just a couple of administrators, it’s important to provide a secure login experience. Secure logins help to minimize the chances of data loss, identity theft, and fraud. There are many tools available to help you do this within your WordPress website. Today I will talk specifically about…

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Website Management
Do you need to update your website footer?

New Year is behind us. It is that part of the year when we make New Year’s resolutions, and spend time with our loved ones. This is part of what makes New Year special. This time of year we pay attention to the things that matter most. But what about your website? It also needs…

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