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Author: Rich Smith

Rich Smith. The go-to guy for high-quality, authority-saturated online content aimed at earning "Top of Page One" rankings in Google/Bing/Yahoo organic search. He also crafts text for paid search campaigns, social media outreach and traditional print collateral (such as brochures and newsletters). His special brand of marketing communications writing helps you blaze new frontiers and properly position yourself for growth. The secret ingredient in every Rich Smith marketing communications project is writing precision-engineered to efficiently, effectively shape opinion and evoke response. Rich Smith, the brand preferred 2 to 1 over any other marketing writer. Taken as directed, Rich Smith relieves the headache pain and nausea of chronic marketing-program fatigue. Side effects: a constant grin of happiness others may not recognize in you.
Data Security Secure website is what you get from HTTPS, SSL, and certificates.
What the Most-Easily Guessed Passwords Reveal About Your Personality

666666. This one marks the beastly serious fan of horror movies. The person who uses 666666 never screams out in terror until the moment his or her computer becomes possessed by devilish criminals. Rank: 14.

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Marketing & Content
Take Your Website Beyond What the Eye Beholds—How to Have a Truly Unique Website

This is an article about having a unique website. But before we get to that, first we need to talk about cars. The magazine Popular Mechanics ran a story about how cars in recent years have come to all look the same. The article explained that this uniformity comes from the need to strike a…

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Culture face-time
Facing Up to the Challenges of Face Time: A Valet Roundtable Discussion

…[V]irtual office workers tend to be isolated from colleagues and customers. They seldom see and interact with one another face to face. Yet people instinctively crave what’s usually referred to as “face time.”

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Empowering Communities: A Valet Roundtable Discussion

A business is only as strong as its network. People do business with people they like and with whom they feel comfortable.

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Culture communication tips
Communication Tips to Make Your Company More Successful

Never talk to a customer while angry. In a roiled frame of mind, the chances of you saying something regrettable go way up. And bad things happen when you say regrettable things to a customer.

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Resources PunkPOS-banner
PunkPOS Helps WordPress Users (and Others) Achieve Greater Success by Automating Business Processes

PunkPOS is to business process automation what Valet is to website health. It’s the first choice of people who want to spend less time doing back-of-shop drudgery and more time making their own customers happy. PunkPOS specializes in business process automation—BPA for short. BPA is worth considering if the running of your website involves lots…

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