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Author: Rich Smith

Rich Smith. The go-to guy for high-quality, authority-saturated online content aimed at earning "Top of Page One" rankings in Google/Bing/Yahoo organic search. He also crafts text for paid search campaigns, social media outreach and traditional print collateral (such as brochures and newsletters). His special brand of marketing communications writing helps you blaze new frontiers and properly position yourself for growth. The secret ingredient in every Rich Smith marketing communications project is writing precision-engineered to efficiently, effectively shape opinion and evoke response. Rich Smith, the brand preferred 2 to 1 over any other marketing writer. Taken as directed, Rich Smith relieves the headache pain and nausea of chronic marketing-program fatigue. Side effects: a constant grin of happiness others may not recognize in you.
Customer Service Good customer service is the kind of thing that gets people shaking hands
Customer Service Humility: A Skill that Serves You and Your Enterprise

You perhaps recall that we earlier discussed two foundational skills needed for awesome customer service. Today, we talk about one more. We call it “customer service humility.” Customer service humility is exactly what it sounds like. It’s you taking a humble stance in your dealings with the world on behalf of your company or organization….

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Data Security
Valet Podcast: Hear Mason James Discuss Website Health, GDPR, Gutenberg, and More

Website health, Europe’s GDPR law, Google’s Mobile First initiative, and the new WordPress Gutenberg editor. These are among the topics discussed by Valet co-founder and business development lead Mason James during a Valet podcast available here. First up in this new Valet podcast is some frank talk about website health—a big focus for Valet, Mason…

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Data Security Secure website is what you get from HTTPS, SSL, and certificates.
Building Customer Trust and Confidence with Your Website Security

Open Chrome. Or Firefox. Or Opera, Safari, Brave, or whatever browser you normally use. Type in the address of your own website and hit the return key. If yours is a secure website, a little green padlock icon appears next to the address bar. If yours is an unsecure website, you get a red padlock….

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Marketing & Content EU Copyright Directive could lead to run-ins with law enforcement
EU Copyright Directive Could End Fair-Use Rights You Currently Enjoy

The European Union in mid-September approved a tough new package of internet regulations.

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Site Health Site health appraisals are not as deep as other types of site health assessments, but are still very revealing and useful
How Valet Conducts Site Health Appraisals

Site health assessments, of what does that consist, you ask? Well, here’s the answer.

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Things That Can Cause You to Have Website Performance Problems

  Website performance problems bedevil you. You realized this after it became obvious to you that people visiting your site never really do what you hoped. Few ventured from page to page, meaning few discovered all that you offered. Few read your content and absorbed your ideas or embraced your suggestions. Few clicked the links…

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