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Author: Rich Smith

Rich Smith. The go-to guy for high-quality, authority-saturated online content aimed at earning "Top of Page One" rankings in Google/Bing/Yahoo organic search. He also crafts text for paid search campaigns, social media outreach and traditional print collateral (such as brochures and newsletters). His special brand of marketing communications writing helps you blaze new frontiers and properly position yourself for growth. The secret ingredient in every Rich Smith marketing communications project is writing precision-engineered to efficiently, effectively shape opinion and evoke response. Rich Smith, the brand preferred 2 to 1 over any other marketing writer. Taken as directed, Rich Smith relieves the headache pain and nausea of chronic marketing-program fatigue. Side effects: a constant grin of happiness others may not recognize in you.
Accessibility Site health is important to know. Valet can tell you what your site's health is like.
Get Your Web Properties in Top Shape If You Want Online Success

Ever think about the health of your website? You should because site health is crucially important. A healthy website works as expected and delivers the results you hope for. Trouble is it’s hard to tell just by looking whether your site is or isn’t in excellent shape. On the surface, it might seem as if…

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Data Security
Europe’s GDPR Data-Protection Law will Likely Affect You in the U.S. and Everywhere

GDPR makes you liable for penalties if you collect data on citizens of the European Union. Your location outside of Europe matters not. So it behooves you to know what this new law entails if you hope to comply with it. In a nutshell, GDPR obliges you to make some security-oriented changes to your website and to your Internet practices.

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Ongoing Support
The Right Way to Respond to Google’s Mobile-First Initiative

Google’s Mobile First initiative. Have you heard about this yet? You have? Great. But what are you planning to do in response to it? Nothing? OK, that’s not great. Not great at all. Because ignoring Mobile First is a surefire way to sink your website’s rankings in Google search. A big drop in rank portends…

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