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Selfie: An Unexpected Blog Advertising Method

Is This the Answer to Advertising Revenue on your Blog?

The other day I became aware of a new plugin named Selfie. The tagline reads Make Money with Self Serve Advertising.

It’s an interesting concept because it breaks away from the traditional “Advertise Here” sidebar grids you may be used to seeing.

What Selfie Does for You

This plugin allows you to sell advertising space directly to your readers right within your blog posts. There are several options for placement, styling, setting prices, etc.

In all my years working with WordPress, I didn’t think I’d be writing about yet another blog ad placement plugin as they all do pretty much the same thing, but Selfie caught my eye because of the potential advertiser it targets…your existing readers.

If people are reading your site, it’s likely that they are interested in the same topics as the other readers of your site. Therefore, if they have something related to advertise, then it’s also likely that their advertisement will get some traction by way of clicks.

Let’s make it easy to understand. Here’s a short video…

Who’s Behind the Selfie Plugin

The company behind Selfie is Broadstreet Ads. Co-founder by Kenny Katzgrau (formerly of Yahoo) and John Crepezzi (formerly of the Patch) along with several active Advisors.

View the entire team here.

It’s the first I’ve heard of Broadstreet. It seems their main product is an Ad Server platform, and with the credentials of their founders it’s why I’m paying attention.

This doesn’t mean it’s a 100% win for me personally, but when I see someone who’s been in the Internet industry for some time, it’s a pretty safe bet that whatever they’ve created is at least worth a look;)

What Do You Think of Advertising on your Blog?

Using the plugin above assumes that you’re OK with advertising on your blog at all. Advertising is not at all a bad thing, and can be a definite revenue stream, but my question is this:

“Does your content lend itself to showing ads?”

I’m involved with a few eCommerce WordPress websites and we actively write blog posts to help our different target markets get the most out of the products they’re using, but we have never posted any outside ads on those sites.

But I’m inclined to revisit that decision and utilize the Selfie plugin in order to help our readers (and customers) connect with each other’s products and individual sites.

You Be the Judge

If you’re interested in giving it a try, head on over to the WordPress plugin repository and download Selfie now.

As always, if you’re a WP Valet monthly service customer, we’re happy to install and configure this plugin for your use.

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