It’s Been a Year…and We’re Improving!

WP Valet loves our clients and because of all of you, we made it to a year in business! A lot has change since we first opened our doors and we have some exciting changes coming up in the next few weeks. Our Team Has Grown As many of you know, Mason and I we’re read more

May Day, Mayday, M’aider!?!

May Day as a celebration on May 1st has a long and varied history, with a surprising number of influences, each of which added color and texture to the fête we have today. Originally, a pagan festival in the Northern Europe worshiping the return of summer, after the advent of Christianity the holiday developed some religious read more

Time is Money

Growing a business is a challenge in any environment. Growing a business around a core that involves WordPress has specific challenges inherent to its fundamentals. WordPress, of course, is that popular platform which began its life as a way for individuals to blog, but its value and ease of entry quickly allowed it to evolve read more

How to Get The Most Out of Twitter in Just Minutes Per Day

The value of social media (especially Twitter) is debated a lot these days. Some businesses swear by it while others say it’s a waste of time. The truth is, Twitter can be a powerful free advertising platform and it can be a complete waste of your company’s time and resources. The difference is in how read more

Here’s a Quick Way to Search and Replace Your WordPress Database

Today, I’m going to let you in on a little trick that cuts my time in half when doing migrations. The handy tool that I use is a Search and Replace script. This can help search and replace your WordPress database when migrating from one domain to another. If you do not have a clue read more

Migration Nightmares: Caching

I love caching. I really do! But man can it give me a headache when doing migrations. Maybe you have experienced this also perhaps? This is a short article but provides a quick tip on how to avoid this nightmare and make your migrations much easier. Issue Unexplainable issues. I know….sounds like a load of read more

How to Increase Profits by Hiring

Who doesn’t want to increase profits by 50 percent? I will be the first to tell you, I’m not the next big entrepreneur out there, and if I knew half the things the big guys know, I’m sure I could increase profits by 300 percent. But sadly, I’m not, so 50 percent is what I’ll read more