How to Source the Right WordPress Plugins for Your Business

It can be a jungle out there and knowing which products are right for your business is one of the most challenging but critical components to getting your WordPress website up and running. Think that SEO is important to your site?  You’re right!  But go ahead and search the web for WordPress SEO; see how read more

WordPress Migration Case Study:

Company: Website: Project Scope: Migrate custom database to WordPress Together, we’ve carried out more than 100 site migrations. Everything from WordPress to WordPress, to Multisite to Multisite, and even Multisite to single-site.. These migrations were all trumped by our client’ project. They presented us with a taxing problem. First of all, they read more

WordPress Maintenance Checklist

Keeping WordPress maintained is an important part of running your website. Unfortunately it’s not possible to just set it and forget it. WordPress has a fast release cycle and it’s regularly patched to deal with security issues, plugins and themes are updated, and your database gets clogged up with spam comments. Below are the tasks read more

Migrate WordPress from One Host to Another

A successful migration is all about preparation. Everything needs to be done step-by-step to make sure that it gets done right. It’s actually not that difficult to move WordPress from one host to another. It’s just a matter of following some steps and you’ll get it done. In this post I’m going to walk you read more

Welcome to WP Valet!

We are really excited today to launch WP Valet, a brand new support, consultancy and management service for WordPress.  If you’re here, then you’ve probably already heard about us, and you might be wondering what WP Valet is all about. Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve been working with WordPress clients for a number of years, read more