Migration Nightmares: Caching

I love caching. I really do! But man can it give me a headache when doing migrations. Maybe you have experienced this also perhaps? This is a short article but provides a quick tip on how to avoid this nightmare and make your migrations much easier. Issue Unexplainable issues. I know….sounds like a load of read more

How to Increase Profits by Hiring

Who doesn’t want to increase profits by 50 percent? I will be the first to tell you, I’m not the next big entrepreneur out there, and if I knew half the things the big guys know, I’m sure I could increase profits by 300 percent. But sadly, I’m not, so 50 percent is what I’ll read more

7 Ways to Build a Business Around WordPress

Last week, we discussed 5 Reasons to Build your Business Around WordPress. Hopefully, that article got you pumped to get out of your cubical and into your own business. The next question you may be asking yourself is, “How should my business be built around WordPress?” Good question, but the real question should be, “What read more

5 Reasons to Build your Business Around WordPress

Before I was eyeball deep in WordPress projects, I was a humble Web Developer working 40 hours a week at a job I hated. Maybe you can relate to this and is why you are here reading this article. Lets talk about getting you out of that office and into your new business that is read more

WordPress Plugin: Maintenance Checklist

When supporting WordPress websites, a necessary evil is the tedious tasks of on-going maintenance. Tasks that fall under on-going maintenance are backups, spam & trash comment removal, database optimization, and much more. Maintenance Checklist is a new plugin that provides is an easy-to-understand checklist for things that need to be completed on your WordPress site. read more

How to Source the Right WordPress Plugins for Your Business

It can be a jungle out there and knowing which products are right for your business is one of the most challenging but critical components to getting your WordPress website up and running. Think that SEO is important to your site?  You’re right!  But go ahead and search the web for WordPress SEO; see how read more

WordPress Migration Case Study: Shift.ms

Company: Shift.ms Website: http://www.shift.ms Project Scope: Migrate custom database to WordPress Together, we’ve carried out more than 100 site migrations. Everything from WordPress to WordPress, to Multisite to Multisite, and even Multisite to single-site.. These migrations were all trumped by our client Shift.ms’ project. They presented us with a taxing problem. First of all, they read more