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WP Valet turns ONE!

This week marks the One Year Anniversary of WP Valet ! By way of celebration we have decided to go out and buy GIFTS for our clients and friends! Now, before you go running to your mailbox to check for a WP Valet mug or pair of socks, let me explain. Over the course of the last…

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News & Events
May Day, Mayday, M’aider!?!

May Day as a celebration on May 1st has a long and varied history, with a surprising number of influences, each of which added color and texture to the fête we have today. Originally, a pagan festival in the Northern Europe worshiping the return of summer, after the advent of Christianity the holiday developed some religious…

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Time is Money

Growing a business is a challenge in any environment. Growing a business around a core that involves WordPress has specific challenges inherent to its fundamentals. WordPress, of course, is that popular platform which began its life as a way for individuals to blog, but its value and ease of entry quickly allowed it to evolve…

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Migration Nightmares: Caching

I love caching. I really do! But man can it give me a headache when doing migrations. Maybe you have experienced this also perhaps? This is a short article but provides a quick tip on how to avoid this nightmare and make your migrations much easier. Issue Unexplainable issues. I know….sounds like a load of…

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7 Ways to Build a Business Around WordPress

Last week, we discussed 5 Reasons to Build your Business Around WordPress. Hopefully, that article got you pumped to get out of your cubical and into your own business. The next question you may be asking yourself is, “How should my business be built around WordPress?” Good question, but the real question should be, “What…

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5 Reasons to Build your Business Around WordPress

Before I was eyeball deep in WordPress projects, I was a humble Web Developer working 40 hours a week at a job I hated. Maybe you can relate to this and is why you are here reading this article. Lets talk about getting you out of that office and into your new business that is…

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