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Accessibility goes hand in hand with usability. However, unlike usability, accessibility is a legal requirement for every website.
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Accessibility person on escalator which is next to stairs
Making Your Site Accessible, Easy as 1-2-WCAG

You’re sold on the idea of making your website accessible. You understand that web accessibility boosts traffic and conversions. And you understand U.S. law requires accessibility. So you’re ready—and in fact eager—to make your website accessible to all visitors. But how? First, acquire a tool to analyze and score the accessibility of your website. Except…

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Valet Selects Online ADA as Digital Accessibility Partner

Today, Valet, the original solution for Professional WordPress Support and Development, is announcing its partnership with Online ADA. Online ADA, the leader in digital solutions, expands online access for individuals with disabilities. They help organizations, businesses, and developers achieve and maintain compliance with digital accessibility requirements. With this partnership, Valet’s client websites will now have access to digital accessibility solutions. Ones…

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Accessibility Website and mobile apps accessibility under ADA is a question the courts are deciding
Website and Mobile Apps Accessibility Update: Court Finds Legal Duty to Provide It Under ADA

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently held that you may have a legal duty under the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure that your website and mobile apps are accessible.

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Things That Can Cause You to Have Website Performance Problems

  Website performance problems bedevil you. You realized this after it became obvious to you that people visiting your site never really do what you hoped. Few ventured from page to page, meaning few discovered all that you offered. Few read your content and absorbed your ideas or embraced your suggestions. Few clicked the links…

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Accessibility This image shows hands placed atop a Braille keyboard.
Accessibility as the User Experiences It—Or Not

Your Goal: Accessibility for All Accessibility means what it implies—unfettered web use. Wanna know what it feels like to use a fettered web site? Just go online and try navigating your own website for an hour without the benefit of a mouse or trackpad. Frustrating, much? Absolutely. But this is what people with impairments encounter…

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Web Accessibility is a Problem Only If You Allow It to Be One

You may be surprised to learn that there is a potentially sizable return on investment awaiting you after making your website more accessible to the disabled. Indeed, accessibility and SEO are intertwined—improve the former, and the latter naturally follows right along. And who doesn’t want better SEO?

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