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Here at Valet, we have a 100% remote team. Above all, we strive to cultivate a healthy remote team culture. A culture of tenacity, integrity, empathy, excellence, honesty, and humility.
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Weekly WordPress Update- March 27, 2020

Here is your quick Weekly WordPress Update from Valerio. If you would like us to cover something specific, please let us know! Hello and welcome to the Weekly WordPress Updates by Valet.io for the week of March 27th. I’m Valério and I’m part of the WordPress Maintenance team here at Valet. On a new world…

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Looking Outward + Robert Band, Finance Expert

Perspective is everything. This phrase is typically used to refer to an inward journey. The way we see the world colors everything we do. So, ensuring we have a healthy sense of what we are looking at or how we are seeing is important. Equally important to looking inward, is looking outward. Looking outward involves…

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Valet is the Happiest Organizations in Professional Consulting Services.

How do we know? TINYpulse told us! We’ve been long-time users of TINYpulse, a workplace survey software that anonymously measures team happiness. TinyPulse has been a fantastic tool that has given our team the ability to provide feedback on issues that can be difficult to talk about, as well as give us questions to ask…

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Facing Up to the Challenges of Face Time: A Valet Roundtable Discussion

…[V]irtual office workers tend to be isolated from colleagues and customers. They seldom see and interact with one another face to face. Yet people instinctively crave what’s usually referred to as “face time.”

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9 Questions About Gutenburg

This past March Maureen and I attended the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference. We had the honor of participating in the WordPress Community Session: WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg, and the New Block Editor. It was an amazing time and I thoroughly enjoyed being on the panel. It was an incredible opportunity to be sharing Valet’s knowledge, understanding,…

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Empowering Communities: a Valet Roundtable Discussion About How to Make Connections and Grow Friendships

A business is only as strong as its network. People do business with people they like and with whom they feel comfortable.

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