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Here at Valet, we have a 100% remote team. Above all, we strive to cultivate a healthy remote team culture. A culture of tenacity, integrity, empathy, excellence, honesty, and humility.
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Empowering Communities: A Valet Roundtable Discussion

A business is only as strong as its network. People do business with people they like and with whom they feel comfortable.

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Culture communication tips
Communication Tips to Make Your Company More Successful

Never talk to a customer while angry. In a roiled frame of mind, the chances of you saying something regrettable go way up. And bad things happen when you say regrettable things to a customer.

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5 Questions While Celebrating Our 4-Year Anniversary

We’re celebrating big-time here at Valet. It’s our fourth anniversary, and we’ve come a long way from our roots as a WordPress website support agency. (more…)

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Culture Kim Lipari -Valet WordPress Website Development & Support Services
Meet the Team: Kimberly Lipari

We decided to put our spotlight on Valet’s Chief Operations Officer, Kimberly Lipari, to find out a little bit more about her favorite foods, strange obsessions, and what brought her to her love of WordPress. Here we go! (more…)

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Culture thewpvalet-team
The Remote Working Parent

The WP Valet is a distributed workforce company. Our team members are based in Florida, California, Louisiana, North Carolina, and even in Uttar Pradesh, India. This means we work from our home offices, local coffee shops, and other locations that aren’t your typical cubicle-based office environments. Many of us also have children, and we realize we’re…

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Culture Good Habits of Remote Workers
Better Remote Working Habits

I’ve been working remotely for years. As in, I work from various places which aren’t an office. In that time I’ve learned some habits that work for me and some remote working habits that don’t. In this post, I’ll discuss both. Transitioning to Remote Work Can Be Difficult Several years ago I was working in…

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