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Facing Up to the Challenges of Face Time: A Valet Roundtable Discussion

…[V]irtual office workers tend to be isolated from colleagues and customers. They seldom see and interact with one another face to face. Yet people instinctively crave what’s usually referred to as “face time.” read more

Communication Tips to Make Your Company More Successful

Never talk to a customer while angry. In a roiled frame of mind, the chances of you saying something regrettable go way up. And bad things happen when you say regrettable things to a customer. read more

Great Customer Service Training Starts with Lessons in Communication

Are great customer service representatives born or made? Valet thinks some are indeed born with a natural flair for helping solve the problems of others. All the rest become great as a result of great customer service training, the WordPress website wellness company says. And great customer service training is something in which Valet takes read more

Customer Service Humility: A Skill that Serves You and Your Enterprise Extremely Well

You perhaps recall that we earlier discussed two foundational skills needed for awesome customer service. Today, we talk about one more. We call it “customer service humility.” Customer service humility is exactly what it sounds like. It’s you taking a humble stance in your dealings with the world on behalf of your company or organization. read more

Customer Service Excellence: Turn Your Clients’ Frowns Upside Down

Last time, we gave you the Valet view of what it takes to keep your patrons happy. We listed five pillars of good customer service. Our focus was the pillar of tenacity. This time, we focus on “customer service excellence.” Now, please keep in mind that excellence is like beauty—all in the eye of the read more

Want to Max Out Your Client Happiness Level? Tenacity is the First of the 5 Things You Need

Customer service skills you must possess stand atop five foundational pillars. These pillars form the basis of the great customer service you receive from Valet. The five customer service skills pillars: Tenacity Integrity Leadership Excellence Humility Today, we examine the first of those five customer service skills pillars—tenacity. Tenacity means staying the course all the read more

How to Truly Delight Your Clientele: Valet Reveals the Secrets of Good Customer Service

Good customer service. In a way, it’s like good art: hard to define, but you know it when you see it. With Valet, you see it all the time—and that’s because we take customer service seriously. So do you, which is why we’d like to share with you our ideas about what constitutes good customer read more