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Data Security ranks high up on the list of things that make for a healthy website. Accordingly, Valet devotes much effort to help you keep your site as secure as possible.
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Data Security
Valet Podcast: Hear Mason James Discuss Website Health, GDPR, Gutenberg, and More

Website health, Europe’s GDPR law, Google’s Mobile First initiative, and the new WordPress Gutenberg editor. These are among the topics discussed by Valet co-founder and business development lead Mason James during a Valet podcast available here. First up in this new Valet podcast is some frank talk about website health—a big focus for Valet, Mason…

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Data Security Secure website is what you get from HTTPS, SSL, and certificates.
Building Customer Trust and Confidence with Your Website Security

Open Chrome. Or Firefox. Or Opera, Safari, Brave, or whatever browser you normally use. Type in the address of your own website and hit the return key. If yours is a secure website, a little green padlock icon appears next to the address bar. If yours is an unsecure website, you get a red padlock….

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Data Security California Consumer Privacy Act is as tough or tougher than GDPR
Not to Be Outdone, California Comes Up with Its Own Version of GDPR—the California Consumer Privacy Act

Made your peace yet with GDPR? If so, laid-back California’s got some news that will definitely harsh your mellow. Starting in 2020, the Golden State will have a GDPR law of its own. It’s called the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCP). So now you need to do more than comply with Europe’s tough new data…

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Data Security GDPR audit can be performed by you or an expert
Some Influential U.S. Companies Say No to GDPR Compliance

Well, THAT escalated quickly. Europe’s new GDPR law took effect on May 25. That same day, a number of influential companies in the U.S. announced their rejection of GDPR compliance. Many earlier assumed those companies would go all-in to achieve GDPR compliance. But no. They instead moved to block access to their online properties by…

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Data Security GDPR audit can be performed by you or an expert
Why your WordPress website needs a GDPR audit fast

GDPR audit. You likely need one if you operate a blog. Or a website, a newsletter, an e-commerce store, or anything online that harvests user data. And you’ll need that GDPR audit soon, like yesterday—because Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (that’s what GDPR stands for) went into effect May 25. So you better find out…

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Data Security Data retention control setting new from Google Analytics may fluster many users
Heed Google Analytics’ Warning About Data Retention—Or Risk Losing Years of Stored Info

Guess what type of email we love getting here at Valet? Anything that isn’t a notification.

It’s not that notifications upset us. We know they’re necessary. It’s just that we receive so many of them.

The reason we get so many notifications is that we support and love so many websites. Each of those websites is wired up to many services, and all of those services send out notifications.

However, since every notification is potentially super-important, we take the time to review all of them in great detail.

Actually, truth be told, it feels more like what we do is decode rather than review them. But it’s only by carefully deconstructing and digesting each notification that we’re able to stay on top of all the technical mumbo-jumbo and geeky stuff (and in so doing spare our awesome clients the trouble of doing any of that work themselves).

It’s a very good thing that we follow this practice because otherwise the super-duper-important (and interesting) email that arrived this week from our friends at Google Analytics might have gone overlooked.


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