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Weekly WordPress Update – August 9, 2019

Here is your quick Weekly WordPress Update from Valerio. If you would like us to cover something specific, please let us know! Hello and welcome to the Weekly WordPress Updates by Valet.io for the week of August 9th. There’s a new acquisition in the WordPress ecosystem. Ninja Forms acquired Caldera Forms, another form plugin with read more

EU Copyright Directive Could End Fair-Use Rights You Currently Enjoy

The European Union in mid-September approved a tough new package of internet regulations. read more

Do You Wonder If the New WordPress Editor Will Break Your Website? The Answer is….Maybe

WordPress is pushing out a new code version next week and soon you’ll be invited via the admin area to try out the new editor coming in release 5.0—but before you click that button be sure to read this very informative article by Joe Casabona about the potential problems you may face and how to overcome them. read more

Google introduces new Search Console

A new Google Search Console. Over the last few months, Google has been sending out invitations to their BETA version of the new Google Search Console to select users. If you are not among that BETA group, that’s ok. They will be opening up the experience to all the users of the current Search Console read more

5 Challenges to Wake Up Creativity

Have you every felt paralyzed by a deadline approaching you like a fast freight train?

Simple and Scannable: A Short Guide to Writing Blog Posts for Your Business

Writing and publishing articles isn’t something that comes natural to many business owners, but it’s a necessary ingredient for successful search engine traffic. Some business owners outsource writing to freelancers, while others take the time to research and write for themselves. Writing for the web differs from traditional writing formats. It varies depending on your audience and your goals, since internet readers are read more

The 3 Step Email Campaign That Works Every Time

Sending emails is one of the oldest marketing techniques on the internet. Whether you create your email lists by asking your readers to sign up, asking your paying customers to opt in, or giving something of value away for free in exchange for an email address, you know that “the money is in the list”—or so you’ve read more