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To build a truly well-rounded website you need more than just one or two people thinking about it all. There are many elements that make a business successful. One of those things is Marketing & Content.
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Marketing & Content
Utilizing “People” Data to Build your Business

Mason James, our founder and CEO (and “the wearer of many hats”) was recently a guest a on the Matt Report. The Matt Report is a podcast and community focusing on the business of WordPress. You can jump to the video at the end of this post if you like. In this interview, Mason discusses…

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Culture Good Habits of Remote Workers
Better Remote Working Habits

I’ve been working remotely for years. As in, I work from various places which aren’t an office. In that time I’ve learned some habits that work for me and some remote working habits that don’t. In this post, I’ll discuss both. Transitioning to Remote Work Can Be Difficult Several years ago I was working in…

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Marketing & Content WordPress News Blog
WP Valet Featured on Torque

A few days ago we were asked to provide more details on our recent WP Valet redesign to the readers of Torquemag.io. If you’re not familiar with Torque, it’s billed as The WordPress News Core and it was indeed an honor to share our story there. In that article we share some additional details on…

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Marketing & Content website-marketing-elements
3 Must Have Marketing Elements of a Business Website

If you’ve started your own business it’s likely that either you built your own website or had a designer or developer build one for you. Often in the process of building a site targeted on displaying your products or services, there a a few critical elements of your site may have been missed. To build…

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Marketing & Content
Heart Bleed Bug Security and Best Practices

You’ve heard of the recent Heart Bleed bug no doubt. We all know that your WordPress website login should always be encrypted and secure via SSL (https://), right? If we login via https we think we were safe. Unfortunately, the Heart Bleed bug brings unwelcome news for all of us. It’s a bug on the…

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Marketing & Content Shellshock and Business
Feel Helpless Over the Latest ShellShock Vulnerability? What Business Owners Should Know.

After the recent Heartbleed fiasco, tech companies and non-tech companies alike are on top of major breaches in computer security. Chances are you’ve already heard about “ShellShock“. These snazzy names for security breaches are meant to generate fear and awe, and while they may sound like they are irrelevant to you, they are actually closer…

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