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Category: Security

Security category archive displays anything with that category

Even if the category is a secondary category rather than the primary category. This means that most of the items will have a matching “color” but some may not if they have a diferent primary category. Read More
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Data security
Granting Agencies access to your website and supporting infrastructure.

One of the first things you do, when you’re onboarding with new agencies that will do some kind of work on your website, is to grant them access. Before granting them full access you should think, what they need to do, and what level of access is needed in order for the agency to complete…

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Who Owns Your Domain?

Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen my share of poor website decisions. One of those decisions stands high above the others. I am not talking about music that automatically starts playing or scrolling marquee text — I am talking about domain ownership. I know exactly how it happens. A vendor needs to launch a new…

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