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Traffic is the second-to-top tier of the website health pyramid. Often, website Traffic is where most marketing efforts begin. It's true that the best site on the internet is a waste if no one is aware it exists.
2-layers Traffic
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Website exceeding traffic limits— is it real, or is it bots?

Most of the WordPress hosting companies track the number of visits for the website. Then based on that they set pricing plans. Here is the common scenario: the website was running for years on one hosting plan. Then, you received an email saying that your visits are UP and the website is exceeding traffic limits….

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Accessibility Site health is important to know. Valet can tell you what your site's health is like.
Get Your Web Properties in Top Shape If You Want Online Success

Ever think about the health of your website? You should because site health is crucially important. A healthy website works as expected and delivers the results you hope for. Trouble is it’s hard to tell just by looking whether your site is or isn’t in excellent shape. On the surface, it might seem as if…

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Maslow’s Hierarchy for Your WordPress Website

Maslow’s Hierarchy is a theory of human need often expressed as a pyramid. Starting at the bottom, the most fundamental human needs (food, water, shelter) are in the larger section. Towards the top of the pyramid, it moves up towards growth and self-actualization (love, esteem, and being your best.)   (more…)

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