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Website Development
Weekly WordPress Update- October 4, 2019

Here is your quick Weekly WordPress Update from Valerio. If you would like us to cover something specific, please let us know! WordPress 5.3 Beta 2 is available for testing. This is still in development and we don’t recommend updating on a production website. So what’s coming in this new version that is scheduled to be…

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Website Development
Weekly WordPress Update- August 16, 2019

Here is your quick Weekly WordPress Update from Valerio. If you would like us to cover something specific, please let us know! Hello there and welcome to this weekly update by Valet.ioI’m Valério and I’m in charge of the WordPress updates here at Valet. WooCommerce 3.7 is officially available. This version was in development for under…

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9 Questions About Gutenburg

This past March Maureen and I attended the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference and had the honor of participating in the WordPress Community Session: WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg, and the New Block Editor. It was an amazing time and I thoroughly enjoyed being on the panel, sharing Valet’s knowledge, understanding, and insights surrounding the new editor —…

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Resources choosing the right WordPress host is a little like taming a shark.
Choose Wisely: The Right WordPress Host is One that Supports Your Website’s Health

Choose the right WordPress host if you want your website to be one that people love visiting. Why does the hosting company you use matter? Because the right one helps keep your website’s health in the pink. And if your website brims with good health, that means few or no problems with security, speed, and…

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Web Accessibility is a Problem Only If You Allow It to Be One

You may be surprised to learn that there is a potentially sizable return on investment awaiting you after making your website more accessible to the disabled. Indeed, accessibility and SEO are intertwined—improve the former, and the latter naturally follows right along. And who doesn’t want better SEO?

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Website Development strategic planning
We Completely Redesigned OpenView Partners Website. Here’s How.

Over the past five months, we gave the OpenView Partners digital presence a pretty drastic makeover. We built them a completely new website, and we gave their separate OpenView Labs blog a facelift to match the new branding. (more…)

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