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Despite the wide array of incredible tools available to manage your website, it’s often the smart business decision to hire a knowledgeable team. One that can effectively care for your web presence. This takes the burden of website management off the rest of your staff. It also ensures a skilled team is always there to watch your back.
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Website Management vanity-actionable-metrics
Vanity Metrics—Website Metrics That Don’t Matter

Do you remember the excitement when you first installed Google Analytics on your WordPress site? Do you remember all those long hours staring at your visitor numbers and bragging to your friends about how many people came to your home page or your epic blog post? I do. And guess what? None of that mattered at…

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Marketing & Content WP Valet Strategy, Custom Design & Development
Delivering Products with Results

Did you know that WP Valet does more than monthly support and migrations?   In fact, WP Valet is an expert team of WordPress developers, designers and business strategists—creating (and saving) web projects, from the ground up. We have three departments: Migrations, Monthly Support, and Custom Strategy & Development. Our department dedicated to strategy, design, and custom…

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News & Events
Announcing the Launch of TreatingPain!

For the past six months, our Custom Development Team has been nose to the grindstone working on the new TreatingPain website. We are currently on a happy high after launching the new custom theme for this valuable website. TreatingPain helps people across the USA find solutions to their pain. Their site educates visitors on treatment options…

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Website Management SEO is Not a Simple Machine Process
SEO is Bad

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; as you most likely know. But what do those three words really mean anyway? The Definition of SEO Here’s how SEO is defined on Wikipedia: SEO Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural”…

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Website Management
Developing a Website Any Client Can Update

Recently we discovered one of our web developers here at WPValet, Cole Stevenson, working on a unique project. You see the world of business – and especially technology – changes quickly. Likewise, so do your customers’ needs from their website. Cole’s project – which we’ll tell you about in just a minute – makes websites…

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