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Help! I need Wishlist Member

Creating and maintaining a subscription-service or membership-based site has got to be one of the more troublesome things to do on WordPress. There are a ton of solutions out their that integrate with WordPress, but none provide the “end all – be all” solution. I spent a couple years working with the team that built read more

WP Valet’s New Systems

The past year has been incredible for all of us involved in WP Valet. Our team has grown from 2 to 8 and we’ve quickly realized that as we grow with customers and a larger team solid systems need to be in place in order to provide the highest quality support services.  That’s why last read more

WP Valet turns ONE!

This week marks the One Year Anniversary of WP Valet ! By way of celebration we have decided to go out and buy GIFTS for our clients and friends! Now, before you go running to your mailbox to check for a WP Valet mug or pair of socks, let me explain. Over the course of the last read more

Time is Money

Growing a business is a challenge in any environment. Growing a business around a core that involves WordPress has specific challenges inherent to its fundamentals. WordPress, of course, is that popular platform which began its life as a way for individuals to blog, but its value and ease of entry quickly allowed it to evolve read more