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Our team of  WordPress Professionals leverages their knowledge from a wide variety of professional endeavors both online and offline.
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Data Security Secure website is what you get from HTTPS, SSL, and certificates.
What the Most-Easily Guessed Passwords Reveal About Your Personality

666666. This one marks the beastly serious fan of horror movies. The person who uses 666666 never screams out in terror until the moment his or her computer becomes possessed by devilish criminals. Rank: 14.

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Accessibility person on escalator which is next to stairs
Making Your Site Accessible, Easy as 1-2-WCAG

You’re sold on the idea of making your website accessible. You understand that web accessibility boosts traffic and conversions. And you understand U.S. law requires accessibility. So you’re ready—and in fact eager—to make your website accessible to all visitors. But how? First, acquire a tool to analyze and score the accessibility of your website. Except…

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Marketing & Content
Take Your Website Beyond What the Eye Beholds—How to Have a Truly Unique Website

This is an article about having a unique website. But before we get to that, first we need to talk about cars. The magazine Popular Mechanics ran a story about how cars in recent years have come to all look the same. The article explained that this uniformity comes from the need to strike a…

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Website Management magnifying glass looking at gears
When “Maintenance” is a misnomer

I’ve got a long history of many feelings about the word “maintenance”. I’ve run the gambit from loving it to hating it and everything in between. My CoFounder even wrote a blog post at one point and time about how we had temporarily banned the word from our company vocabulary. As the original WordPress maintenance…

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Weekly WordPress Update- April 3, 2020

Here is your quick Weekly WordPress Update from Valerio. If you would like us to cover something specific, please let us know! Hello and welcome to the Weekly WordPress Updates by for the week of April 3rd. I’m Valerio and I’m part of the WordPress maintenance team here at Valet. WordPress 5.4 has been…

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Website exceeding traffic limits— is it real, or is it bots?

Most of the WordPress hosting companies track the number of visits for the website. Then based on that they set pricing plans. Here is the common scenario: the website was running for years on one hosting plan. Then, you received an email saying that your visits are UP and the website is exceeding traffic limits….

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