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WordPress category archive displays anything with that category

Even if the category is a secondary category rather than the primary category. This means that most of the items will have a matching “color” but some may not if they have a diferent primary category. Read More
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WordPress Customer Service

WordPress customer service. What does that sentence really mean? I ran across that phrase when doing some keyword research and having been in the WordPress community since 2004, those words seem to be rarely defined and understood, even by those people offering “WordPress customer support”. In this article I’m going to layout a definition of…

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News & Events
WordPress Theme Previews Get an Update

As we outlined previously, WordPress 3.8 includes design and user experience refreshes to the Admin area, and the theme previews are also getting some attention. Less Text Clutter and Larger Screenshots The functionality of the themes list and previews are mostly unchanged except for the visual experience. When navigating to Appearance–>Themes, you’ll now see larger…

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Marketing & Content website-down-dont-panic
Has Your Website Gone Down? Here’s What You Should Do

Website Down? Don’t Panic! Easier said than done right? Especially if you have a thriving eCommerce business that can’t afford to be down for more than a moment. Unfortunately it happens and it’s unavoidable, websites go down. This can happen for a variety of reasons and in this post I’ll detail the steps I take…

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Marketing & Content
A Perspective on the WordPress Philosophy Discussions

You could call this post “notes from an outsider”…only, I’m not an outsider anymore.  Yes, the majority of my professional career was spent doing very different work than WordPress, but to say I have no WordPress experience wouldn’t be true, I’m far from being a beginner. My name is Kimberly and I’m a co-founder and…

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Marketing & Content
Announcing the Backbone Framework Beta

Today we’re very excited to share some information on the internal custom backend we’ve been working on. It’s code named Backbone Framework and in this announcement we’re going to give you a taste of how powerful this is for our business process and the benefits it will provide for our customers. Purpose of the Backbone…

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