Slide presentations have long been an integral part of the business world. They're used in internal meetings, speaking engagements, sales pitches, and several other ways.

Slide presentations have traditionally been created with software like Microsoft's Power Point or Apple's Keynote programs.

In this post you'll learn not only how to embed your Slide Presentations inside WordPress, but also how to create full featured slide presentations without the need for Power Point, Keynote, or any other Desktop software program.

Missed Opportunities When Hosting Your Presentations Online

Many people use services like SlideShare and Speaker Deck to upload their presentations in order to share them with others. These are great services and offer some definite benefits like a built in audience of existing users.

However, it's likely that after uploading a presentation you're sending out a notice to your social followers, email lists, and blog readers that you've uploaded something and to go check it out.

You're Missing Out on Traffic to your Site

Why would someone want to send traffic to someone else's website to view their own content?

The answer of course, is because sites like those have made it very easy to upload, share and even embed your slide presentation content. But even if you embed your own slideshow into your site, you're still missing out on something...

You're Missing Out on Search Optimization for your Site

When you create a slideshow, it's likely that you have text, even a few words, on each slide. It's even more likely that you've put your own notes on each slide to help you present more effectively.

All of that text (and more) presents an opportunity for SEO of certain keywords or phrases.

Why should someone else benefit from traffic targeted toward your content and the keywords it contains?

Again, the simple answer here is that they shouldn't and I'll show you how to stop it a little further down, but first, I want to share the third missed opportunity when sharing your slides online.

You're Content is No Longer your Own.

That's right. As soon as you upload your slide presentation to another service, you're bound by their Policies, Conditions, and Terms. Your content becomes theirs and they are welcome to utilize it anyway they see fit.

It's probably very unlikely that anything nefarious would ever happen, but if you're the type of person who likes to...

  • Own their content
  • Get targeted visitors based on your slide content
  • Get more traffic to your site and your brand for an additional opportunity to convert them into customers

...then this plugin and associated service is something you should definitely look into using...

Create Slide Presentations in WordPress with seoslides

seoslides is a plugin and service that makes is dead simple to create, upload, embed, and share your own slide presentations right inside WordPress.

Create a Slide Presentation in WordPress
seoslides - Create a Slide Presentation in WordPress

The Makers of the seoslides Plugin

seoslides is currently in public beta but rest assured they're not going anywhere. It's owned by a company named Alorum founded by two highly qualified entrepreneurs living in Florida, Daniel Scott and Chris Kluis.

They've also seen an investment by Jake Goldman of 10up to help incubate the project and bring it to the next level.

It's only going to get better as a plugin and as a service.

I would recommend reading this story on the Matt Report to learn more about the investment and what it means for the future of seoslides.

How to Use the seoslides Plugin in WordPress

Below I'll go through the steps needed to get started creating and displaying slide presentations in your WordPress website.

Step One:

Find the seoslides plugin on the WordPress plugin repository and then install and activate it.

You will now see a new menu item in your Dashboard named Presentations.

Add Slides to WordPress
seoslides Plugin Menu

You'll see they've added a handy example slide presentation. I would suggest taking a look at this right away to get familiar with all the options available to you when creating your first presentation.

Here's what the seoslides Edit screen looks like:

Editing Slides in WordPress
Editing Slides in WordPress


Step Two:

This step is optional and requires you to sign up for a free account at Signing up for an account allows you to import a maximum of three slideshow presentations you have created in Power Point or Keynote.

A pretty useful option if you have existing presentations you want to put up on your own site.

seoslides account signup
seoslides account signup

Step Three:

Whether or not you have an seoslides account, you can start creating your new slide presentation right away.

Just go to Presentations-->Add New and you'll be able to start adding slides.

You'll notice that every new presentation you begin always has a Slide Master and the first slide titled Hello World. These are meant to be used as building blocks as you begin to edit and add slides more deeply.

Add New Slide in WordPress
Add New Slide in WordPress


Step Four:

Here's where the magic really starts with seoslides. Click on the Hello World slide and you will see something pretty amazing.

Your slide opens in a modal window to reveal a complete suite of slide editing tools!

Slide Editing Options
Slide Editing Options

Not only that, but if you simply click on any element in that slide, you can edit the content right there using a slick Visual Editor just like you're used to in Power Point or Keynote.

Slide Visual Editor
Slide Visual Editor

Step Five:

After you've added some slides and played with the numerous options for adding background images, video, and other elements, it's time to display your new slide presentation on a Post or Page on your site.

When you add a new post or page, you'll see a handy seoslides icon. Click on that and you'll be able to choose what slideshow to insert into your post/page.

Embed a Slide Presentation in WordPress
Embed a Slide Presentation in WordPress

Step Six:

At this point you can publish your post or page and see how cool it looks to have your very own slideshow embedded in your site that you created entirely inside WordPress!

You'll also see several sharing and other options at the bottom of your slideshow including a Full Screen button and slide counter.

Viewing your Slide Presentation
Viewing your Slide Presentation

Step Seven:

Download seoslides from here and get started on your own slide presentations in WordPress!