A lot of WordPress goodness.

Our team focuses on four major areas of internet expertise. 1) stunning custom designed & developed websites, 2) full site performance & SEO audits, 3) ongoing WordPress support & updates, and 4) migrations.

Custom Design & Development

Our custom design and dev team has decades of experience producing beautiful web projects, salvaging failing projects, and enhancing existing projects. We're a well-oiled machine, and we're incredibly organized, professional, and committed to blowing our clients' minds.

We go through extensive discovery, planning and research with our clients. This is to ensure we're taking the most intelligent, efficient, and future proof path with their project. We believe in THOROUGHLY researching before we get started. Our clients come to us for our strategic vision and our ability to use their resources in the most intelligent manner.

We plan, design, and develop in an Agile fashion. We're flexible and acutely aware of what our clients' highest priorities and needs are at all times. This enables us to pick up or slow down the pace on any one feature or section of our project. Client feedback and the end-user experience are always topmost in our minds.

Developer workflow is a huge deal at WP Valet. We take our dev workflow extremely seriously, and ensure everything is handled with proper version control. Git and Bitbucket are words you'll hear from us. Cowboy coding makes us cringe.

To deliver projects on time and on budget, we've got systems. We religiously communicate with our clients weekly, report on progress, and share screencasts to help them understand and use their new technology. We've been around the block a few times, and our team knows how to execute with professionalism. (Your project is not our guinea pig.) The level of experience and the smooth quality of our project management are major reasons why our clients recommend us—and keep coming back.

Our clients also chose us because we're developing their sites with WordPress, which is our platform of choice. It's a delightfully easy CMS for our clients to use. After their websites launch, clients have the capability to manage their websites on their own, truly using them as business tools.

Website Audits

Another focus at WP Valet is our website audit. Is your website sustainable for the growth you want? Do you know why your site is slow? Do you want the answers for how to fix it? We offer a website audit service that is in-depth and unique. This goes far beyond a simple code review.

Our strategic team takes minimum 2 weeks to delve into your website and your business model. We look for the true causes of your problems, we identify areas for improvement, and we create a roadmap for your future success. Audits include listening to a client's true pain points and understanding what a client's goals are. We thoroughly understand themes, plugins, user funnels, hosting, caching, CDNs, SEO, DNS, database structure and safety issues. We go through a rigorous review of your site from many different angles to cover all of these areas. The audit is the outcome of our research, and it includes a plan with a detailed breakdown of how to get to where you want to go.

Our audits impress our clients, and we receive overwhelmingly positive responses to them. Recently, we did one for Open View Labs, and here's how the client felt:

"I was pleasantly surprised by what you guys gave us. Very happy with James' walk-through. I've had audits done by vendors in the past and they were always sub-par, but you guys really surpassed all expectations. Well done!”
—Rebecca Churt, Open View Labs

The value of our website audit is that a client gets expert attention from each specialist on our team. Our creative department, lead designers, lead developers, front-end developers, site analysts, performance team and server-side reviewers all provide recommendations for our audits. These expert recommendations are from a highly experienced team. The deliverable is a document chock full of extremely valuable information that arms clients to make intelligent business decisions about their future growth.

Ongoing WordPress Support

Ongoing WordPress support is needed because WordPress needs updates. Plugins need updates. There are many aspects of things happening "behind the scenes" on the internet that require developer attention, if your website is going to stay healthy.

So...this means WP Valet changes copy on my home page and does updates? No. Websites built with WordPress need ongoing support. This does not mean just updating your images and copy and plugins, or just posting your new events. (Sure, we can help with that too.) We do a lot more.

Our ongoing WordPress support packages ensure that our clients' websites are secure. We keep an eye on security concerns 24/7, and when patches are released for issues, our clients' sites get them immediately. We have backups in place for all of our clients' sites. All of them are automated 3rd party party and stored off-site. We also run monitoring and security around the clock.

Are you disappointed that your website isn't completely healthy forever after you launch it? Well, we sympathize. However, to keep your website up-to-date and secure, it needs constant attention each month. WordPress is growing rapidly. To ensure updates are made securely, we always set up staging environments to test changes and updates before we push them live—so there are no unwelcome surprises. Your updates are always managed with the utmost care.

Our team also is here to help our clients with ANY plugin, ANY problem, and ANY need, at ANY time. You are not limited to just premium plugin questions or updates. We're really comprehensive is what we can offer.

Migrations & Conversions

Another specialty at WP Valet is our migrations and conversions department. Is migrating a site that big of a deal? Ensuring it's done flawlessly can be.

You have a database and you have a plethora of files. Your hard work can be lost if you put the wrong team on this. No migration is a 1-to-1 fit from host-to-host. So having an intelligent team on hand to care for every detail is critical for making sure your migration is done perfectly. Moving your site is essentially moving your entire business. It is tricky. We're the next tier for the "not-your-typical" migration. Clients frequently land in our lap after other WordPress companies reject their migration as being too complicated (or when other companies can not complete it).

We specialize in moving large scale sites and our team has handled thousands of migrations and conversions, some of which were extremely complex. Our experts specialize in host-to-host, other CMS to WordPress, and Multisite conversions. We make sure everything is fully reviewed, backed up, moved carefully, and double checked.

If you're migrating a large, complicated project, you want a team working on it that has the extensive experience and confidence to do it correctly. Our team has a track record that will put your mind at ease. Distinguished entities like ETSY, Harvard University and Startup Weekend trusted our team with migrations, and we delivered exactly what they needed.

Why Trust our Team?

Good question. Our team is: 1) a crazy bunch of perfectionists, 2) obsessively committed to producing work we are proud of, and 3) leaders in the industry.

We understand that every client needs something different, so we create unique solutions based on their needs and goals. WP Valet was started to set the example for WordPress firms in best practices and flawless client management. We were the first WordPress team to recognize the need for this kind of work. It's not enough just to produce a project, we truly want to produce work we're excited about, stand behind, and want to show off.

Our team is very involved in the community. We help run conferences, guest write for publications, teach the technologies we use, and speak at conferences across the globe. We believe deeply in delivering on what we promise, and our work speaks for itself. We're a team and a family, and we're here to rally around you for any challenges that arise.

We invite you to talk to our past clients and read our case studies. WP Valet is not just a job for us, it's our passion.