Dance of the Deer Foundation

Nico Secunda

Operations and Vision Director

Client since 2013

Client Attribute

Client Attribute

Dance of the Deer Foundation

"I always enjoy working with folks who understand things better than I do. The team is consistently made up of friendly people who are easy to communicate with and understand our needs without the need for over-communicating our requests." - Nico Secunda

Dance of the Deer Foundation has a mission to help people connect with their true nature and through that work to support the indigenous Huichol culture. Nico is responsible for guiding the vision of this mission and operations for Dance of the Deer Foundation along with their small team throughout the US and Europe.

Small groups like Dance of the Deer Foundation are often forced to split attention between communicating a critically important message and the day to day technical details that make that communication possible. For example, sharing Shamanic teaching, principles, and resources via a WordPress website that needs upkeep and attention.

In 2013 Nico was responsible for two such websites that were maliciously hacked. Through his work to get things up to date and continuously secured he realized there was some value in having a support team to carry on those support and security tasks. We were given the opportunity to help Nico with ongoing care and give him space to get back to greater work, spreading healing traditions and reverence of nature.

Knowing that our assistance is pushing forward such a powerful mission is humbling! We've been able to scale from support to development for Nico and his team. Our ability to do that, in his words, "Gives us peace of mind and frees up a lot of time when fixes or development needs to be done, as Valet's team already has access to our framework and understands the infrastructure."

We genuinely love helping people. And it's even more rewarding when we get to help wonderful people like Nico.

If you're interested in learning more about the work Dance of the Deer Foundation is doing you can check out their website. I personally subscribe to the newsletter and look forward to each edition.