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The Metrics Made Me Do It Even Though I Didn’t Want To

I often find myself taking action when things “feel right”. You could  call it intuition or simply being stubborn, but as an entrepreneur, I’ve found that many times it works to put my business in the position to grow.

However, this isn’t always true.

Some decisions need to be made based solely on hard data metrics and can sometimes seem counter-intuitive. However, when combining your gut feeling with real and factual statistics about your business, and letting go of your preconceived ideas, you can skyrocket your growth.

Decisions Based on Personal Preference v.s. The Data

This is a story of a business ignoring a segment of 1 million potential customers and what happened when they changed their focus based on where the data was dictating they should be focusing.

The owners of this business got their start a few years ago, and as part of their initial marketing they created several videos and uploaded them to YouTube.

We all know that as the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube can create not only an avid fan base of followers, but also organic search traffic if you’re using appropriately optimized video titles, descriptions, and tags.

As their business started to grow, their focus shifted onto other necessary marketing and growth tasks including the building of membership and eCommerce capabilities of their website and other things.

YouTube video creation and marketing got pushed to the backburner.

Growth Stopped and the Data Audit Started

Business was good but sales started to taper off and eventually plateau.

That’s when we were asked to help.

Gathering Data from Multiple Sources

The first thing we did was start gathering data for website traffic statistics, conversion rates, website and landing page designs, lead capture forms, and a slew of other contact points where potential customers would be likely to interact with this business.

What We Found

As with any business based website there were several areas for improvement, This is all part of the organic nature of ever changing website presentation trends and customer behaviors, but there was one traffic source that was consistently high and had a consistently high bounce rate.

In other words, when a visitor came from this traffic source, they were almost immediately leaving the site without visiting any other pages on the site, and more importantly, without taking any action that would lead to a sale for this business.

I’m sure you can guess what traffic source this was…yep, their old friend YouTube.

Presenting Our Findings and the Initial Client Reaction

We took this information to the client and suggested several ways to capitolize on this traffic source, including building landing pages specifically for this target market, re-optimizing their existing YouTube video text descriptions, and creating and implementing a targeted video marketing campaign.

The first reaction was “…but we’ve moved past creating videos for YouTube. We did that years ago.”

Those statements were based solely on this client’s personal preference, but remember, we’re focused on breaking through that and making business decisions based on actual data. 1 million potential customers.

Through a series of meetings with deeper dives into our findings, we were finally able to show why we were suggesting this path and the benefits of doing so.

Even more poignant perhaps, we could easily refer to the downsides of not re-focusing on YouTube as a customer acquisition channel.

Afterall, it was plain to see by the stagnated growth of their business and revenue.

Taking Action

This is where the fun began.

  • We created landing pages specific to the content of each existing video.
  • We edited the descriptions and tags for each video, and inserted the link to the corresponding landing page at the top of that description.
  • On each landing page, we created a different call to action.
  • Each call to action was the start of a funnel toward paid content, each with an email opt in and some with an Autoresponder series of helpful tips and tutorials before eventually asking for the sale.
  • The implementation of the methods above helped increase conversions almost immediately, so then we moved to Phase 2 which included a complete site architecture restructuring and redesign.

The Result

As I mentioned above, they saw a quick uptick in conversions to both their short sales funnels and also their long term sales funnel via email list opt ins.

The end result was a 700% increase in revenue in the first 3 months.

Needless to say our client was happy and so were we. It’s always our goal to help our clients increase revenue and foster the continued growth of their businesses.

This is what they told us:

…the data made us do it, even though we didn’t want to. I’m glad we broke out of our comfort zone.

Of course, sometimes the plan of action isn’t as clear as it was in this project but if you collect the data and analyze it, you can always find a path for improvement.

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