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WP Valet Profiles – Dylan Ryan – Premium Valet

Describe your position at WPV and what you do.

Currently at WPV, I am a Premium Valet. This means any request for support is directed towards me as the initial contact. After the request is made, I will investigate the issue and determine whether the issue needs to be escalated or handle it myself. I’m also in charge of our clients updates being ready every friday for their friday email. I have a daily meeting with our support team to cover any issues I’ve had or road blocks that I need cleared to finalize any outstanding support issues.

What did you do prior to working at WPV?

Prior to WPV I was freelancing & working part time, while studying at North Carolina State University. I’m currently a senior majoring in Business Admin. with a focus in Information Technology.

When and how did you first get involved with WordPress?

I was bitten by the WordPress bug a long time ago. I remember learning html & css when I was younger and building a website for me and my friends who played video games together. We wanted a place where we could post messages to eachother and have our own avatars online, etc. Instead of hardcoding every image everytime I wanted to use our avatar’s, I thought, “There must be an easier way!!” A couple weeks of researching, trial and error, regretfully attempting Drupal, I fell in love with WordPress.

What is the most important reason for regular WordPress maintenance?

I believe the most important reason for WordPress maintenance is because it provides security first and foremost. There is always someone who will try to destroy what you have, especially if what you have is a successful online business. Maintenance is a must in my opinion.

What has been your most challenging moment while working at WPV?

The most challenging moment for me so far has been gauging others workloads and assigning incoming tasks appropriately. My first instinct is to jump in and fulfill the request even if it takes an hour or two. I soon realized, if I received an influx of support requests that I needed to learn to manage my time and delegate to others quickly and appropriately. I quickly learned to use the support meetings as a gauge of other’s loads before the day begins, to help me determine who I need to escalate tasks to.

What’s your favorite WordPress-powered site or project and why?

My favorite WordPress-powered site is definitely Not only because of the awesome content they post, but because of the people behind the project. Everyone that runs is outgoing and intelligent. I enjoy what they have done with their site and love how they use data to drive their decisions. Not many people can create a successful premium content website, but they’ve got it figured out.

What’s your favorite YouTube video as of today and why?

As of today, my favorite youtube video.

Because it’s the best 40 hours you’ll spend of your life.

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