If you work daily building websites, writing blog posts, SEO-ing your site's pages, and generally building the Internet you may be surprised to learn that a large portion of the Enterprise business world hasn't fully adopted standard Internet Marketing techniques.

After all, you know what you know right?

I've recently been working with a company that has subsidiaries in 38 countries and they haven't done one bit of Internet Marketing. Their market is mostly to the wholesale market and they are very successful doing over 30 million in revenue yearly.

But the marketing landscape has been changing for while, and it's time they jumped on board.

Understanding the Need for Internet Marketing

Traditional marketing includes methods like printing and distributing catalogs, direct mail flyers, magazine and television advertising, and even cold sales calls.

These tactics are still valid of course, and probably more so in the wholesale market that this business has always targeted, but if the past 10 years has proven anything, it's that Internet Marketing works.

It works for positioning your Brand. It works for growing your company's user base. And it works for driving sales.

Breaking Out of Tradition

In my experience it's been a bit of a challenge to adequately explain the various Internet Marketing methods available for Enterprise level businesses and how they can complement traditional marketing methods.

Perhaps even more important than the explanations of how to achieve a proper ROI through marketing online, is getting the Enterprise level Marketing Directors and Sales Managers to break the traditions they're used to and to explore and expand their efforts to the Internet.

It's not just Marketing Directors that need to be made aware of the benefits, but also just as important, the Enterprise level IT department leaders.

Being aware is especially important when a consultation includes breaking out of their standard website creation and management tools, specifically when suggesting building additional sites on separate domains using the WordPress software when they may have never even heard of it.

Enterprise Internet Marketing Methods

I'll go deeper into each of these methods in later posts, but I wanted to highlight a quick list for you Enterprise Marketing Directors that might be new to all of the available Internet Marketing options available to you and your businesses.

  • MIcrosites
  • Landing Page Multivariate Testing
  • Content Marketing (blogging)
  • Social Advertising (including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more)
  • Video Marketing (YouTube)
  • Digital Advertising (Google AdWords)