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How to Continually Find New Inspiration

No matter what your business niche is, it’s sometimes difficult to stay inspired.

Whether you provide one-on-one coaching, create digital or physical products, produce your own podcast, or are a hardcore blogger, you might find yourself hitting the “content creation idea block”.

You’re not alone. It happens to everyone, but there are some techniques I’ve found that hep me personally break out of the rut and find new inspiration in some unexpected ways.

Break your Habits

The first step to breaking through and finding new inspiration is to break the habits you’re used to.

After all, how are you supposed to be inspired by doing the same thing day in and day out?

Your brain is a muscle and like every muscle, needs to be exercised, so get to it!

Change your Environment

If you’re an Entrepreneur or doing some other kind of remote work, it’s likely you’re stuck in your home office for most hours of the day.

It’s all too easy to justify why you can’t go outside, why you can’t leave the house, or why you just can’t leave that damn office chair, but it’s all just B.S.

You’re fooling yourself and creating a stagnate environment. An environment where ideas and innovation don’t flourish.

Try some of these simple ideas to give your mind a break from the minutia and refresh your creative side:

  • Go for a 20-30 walk and pay attention to the little things. The trees, the bugs on the sidewalk, even the traffic. Take your mind away from your task list.
  • Go work from the coffee shop. People watching is always helpful. Let your mind wander coming up with back stories about the people there.
  • Go to the library or bookstore and head to a section you wouldn’t normally visit. Read the summaries found on the inside cover of the books and think about how those stories or idea can apply to your content.
  • And in any of these locations, start a conversation with a stranger. Easier said than done for some people, but trust me, you can be inspired easily by learning someone else’s story.

Grab a Pen and Paper

Many of us take notes. We jot down ideas regularly.

I do this often using the voice recorder  and notes apps on my iPhone. It’s a valid way to record those momentary thoughts, but more times than not, I record something or type out a list of ideas never to return until months later.

I find that I need something more tactile. Something more “browsable”, and flipping through a notebook works for me.

Put down your smartphone and pick up a pen and paper.

Bonus! – It’s also really fun to doodle! Somewhat of a lost art in this digital age.

Listen to Others NOT in your Industry

How many of us, especially content creators, actually LISTEN to what others have to say?

I mean really listen folks. Being engaged. Asking probing questions during a conversation.

This fits in perfectly with talking to strangers. I’m a product creator and depending on the conversation I’m having, I always try to listen for things that would be considered “pain points”.

I like to create products that solve problems and I’ve been surprised that some of the best inspiration has come from people completely outside my specific industry.


Ohhhmmmm. Have you ever tried meditation? Science is really starting to catch up on the benefits of meditating.

Even if it hasn’t been on purpose, I’m sure you’ve experienced those moments when all is silent, your mind is clear, and you are completely relaxed, yet still keenly aware of your environment and thoughts.

That is the purpose of meditation and it’s a great way to “clear your mind” of the noise that can block inspiration.

If you’ve never purposefully tried meditating, you might be surprised at just how simple and easy it is to do.

There’s no secret to meditating, other than to just make time for it. And as little as two minutes of daily meditation can help you be inspired and better focus on your goals and tasks.

Here’s a simple guide to meditating for two minutes each day.

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