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How to Share Access to Your GoDaddy Website

If you’re hosting your website on GoDaddy, there is an easy way to share access to venders without sharing your direct login information. It’s best to use the sharing tools built within a service instead of your personal username and password. Not only does it give you more options of what someone else can control — domain, products, and/or billing — it makes it easy to remove and add however many different people as you like.

Here’s how to easily share access to your GoDaddy Website:

After logging into your GoDaddy account, navigate to Settings > Delegate Access.

GoDaddy Domain Manager page, with arrow indicating the Settings Menu and the link that reads: Delegate Access. in the pull-down menu.

Before you click the “Invite to Access,” make sure you’re using the email associated with your vendor’s GoDaddy account (alternatively, vendors can make this request to clients using the “Request Access” option as well). It will make this process much easier. 🙂

Delegate Access, underneath the "People who can access my account" an arrow indicates the button that reads: Invite to Access.

Finally, add the Name, Email, and Access Level required:

Invite to Access page arrows indicate where to fill out your name, and email address for the person you'd like to grant account access. And where to select what Access Level will be required. Then an arrow indicating the button that reads: Invite.

Click the “Invite” button and you’re finished.

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