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3 Simple Ways to Increase your Business Website Revenue

You own a business. You have a website for that business and to some degree (and maybe 100%) you depend on that website to drive revenue to your business.

If this sounds familiar, I urge you to take a look at these 3 simple ways to make sure your revenue is flowing as it should.

Increase Speed

Ah, yes. Speed. Specifically, website page loading times.

Why Speed Matters

Imagine all the open lanes in your local supermarket. Now imagine that one of those lanes is your website, and all the other lanes are the websites of your competitors.

Now look at the length of the lines. Those can be related to the time it takes to finish your checkout.

Which line are you going to choose? The one that is short and moves fast, or the longer line that takes 3, 4, or even 5 seconds or longer to “load”?


Simple Solutions for More Speed

Now imagine that each cashier is your web host.

Have you ever chosen a line at the supermarket based on the performance of the cashier at the register?

Me too. It’s always a judgement call, but you probably know the ones that are faster and no-nonsense when it comes to getting you through the process.

The same applies to web hosting companies, but you also need to take into account the actual code on your site, file sizes, etc.

Here are my top 3 speed solutions you should focus on…

  • Find a faster host. Preferably one that is well-versed in “Managed WordPress Hosting”.
  • If you are dead set on using a less expensive shared host, install and configure W3 Total Cache.
  • Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service and reduce the size of the files you’re serving, especially images.

Create a Clear Call to Action

You know this is true and you also probably know that it’s difficult to achieve, especially when you have so many awesome products and services to offer!

Choosing exactly what single action to promote can be really hard, but it must be done in order to avoid confusion for your visitors.

Ever visit a site like this one?

Creating a clear call to action

Where Do I Click First!?

And yes folks, this is a real site!

What does Ling want me to do first? Chat, play a game, view a live web cam, or apply for a rental car quote?

One Call to Action to Cover It All

If you just can’t decide on the one action you want your visitors to take, consider creating an action that is more global in nature.

As an example, let’s assume you have multiple monthly service plans in addition to some one time services or products.

How do you decide which one to promote?

You could simply wrap them all into a call to action that is just one simple contact or sale. After that initial action is taken, you can have your sales team follow up via phone or put that customer into a an Autoresponder flow that both provides value related to the initial action, but also builds trust and opens the pathway to the product or service where you really want them to be.

Encourage Return Visitors

Speaking of value and trust…

Whatever methods you’re using to drive traffic and revenue to your business website, the last thing you want is for someone to visit once and never return, especially if they haven’t taken any action on their first visit.

Here are a few sure-fire ways to encourage people to come back to your site…

  • Compelling, helpful, and original content. This is really easy to say but sometimes difficult to do. The first step should be to create some customer personas, then start building your content strategy around what those users would likely be searching for.
  • Offer an email subscription to your blog. The trick here is to communicate clearly the frequency in which someone can expect emails from you, and respect that schedule.
  • Promote your social profiles clearly so visitors can easily choose to follow your content on their preferred channel.
  • And most of all, ask. Ask your visitor to come back regularly, subscribe, or follow you elsewhere.

You might be surprised how a simple request like asking people to consume your content can help you to drive more traffic and revenue.


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