WP Valet loves our clients and because of all of you, we made it to a year in business! A lot has change since we first opened our doors and we have some exciting changes coming up in the next few weeks.

Our Team Has Grown

As many of you know, Mason and I we're the first Valets and we still play a very active role in the day to day duties of the company. But, there is only so much two people can do. So we have grown our team from 2 to 7 people. We have added Kim Lipari and Paul Barthmaier to our executive team along with additional help for support and migrations. To see our new team, check out our new about us page.

New Support System

We are moving! No not our headquarters but our support system! Currently we are on Zendesk. We are actively moving to desk.com now and you will see the new support system by midnight tonight. Why would you care what support system we are on? Here is why:

  • Faster response times
  • Better non business hour responses
  • Better case analytic to improve support

Faster response times

Trust me, I love when our support team responds fast as much as you do. This is one of the primary reasons for the move to desk.com. Let me share a stat with you.


Although we are growing past out industry average, that is no excuse for our First Time Reply to be 26.20 hours. Now, the support analytics are not 100% accurate and we'll discuss that more later in the article but still....this is unacceptable for our clients.

How does the new support system help with this? After doing some tracking, we found that a majority of time is spent finding who is the right person for the ticket. This is cause by our rapid growth internally and needs to be solved. Desk.com allows us to setup our support system to get your requests to the right person right away, cutting back on the First Time Reply time. In a nutshell, we are creating a system to get your questions answered MUCH faster.

Faster non business hour responses

Like every business out there, we have closed hours. That doesn't necessarily mean we are not around though. As our team members are at home on their computers after hours, we still have the tendency to jump on and answer a few tickets.

Our new system is setup to get you a answer faster during this off-time hours. We will have an automated response to first let you know that your request has been received. On top of that, after hour business request get top priority during the next business day. How does this all happen? Automatically of course!

Better case analytic to improve support

Lets refer back to the benchmark images from faster response times:


This information really tells me nothing other than overall....we need to speed up our responses. Does it tell me whether support tickets are being solved? Does it tell me what category (pre-sale, support, etc) of tickets are taking the longest? Does it even tell me which agent I need to hunt down to make sure they are more responsive? No! It doesn't tell me anything. So how is that any help?

Our new support system lets me break down out stats to the before referenced variables. We can tailor our support needs and fine tune them down to the agent level. This means for you, an overall better support experience.

So are you excited?

You should be! You should start seeing a dramatic positive difference in how your support tickets are handled. We do however ask you to be patient with us for the first 2 weeks as we train the entire staff to use the new system. Today, our Valets will be battle ready and excited to start tackling your tickets.