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Managing Client Expectations

Oh boy, another post about managing the expectations of clients and customers. Whoopee.

You’ve heard a ton of advice before I’m sure, and I’m sure you’ve also experienced the situation where your expectations as a service provider did not match what your clients expected.

In this post we’ll discuss a few things we’ve learned about being proactive with expectations. Our own and our clients.

Information Overload

Keep it simple.

Have you ever had to read through dozens of pages of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) before purchasing a service?

It’s not only mind numbing, but also a hurdle for your potential clients.

Why make them wade through boring legal ease?

It’s a negative, and it makes you look like you’re only trying to cover your ass instead of clearly defining those things you’re providing instead and not providing.

Clearly Defined Statements

Keep it clear.

Obviously you do need to define what it is your service provides and the limitations of said service.

The trick here is to clearly define what you will be providing while avoiding open ended definitions of what your service entails.

And again, avoiding the negative statements like “We do not provide…”.

Instead, always highlights the benefits of your service (not the features).

Terms and Conditions are Boring but they Work

Keep it legit.

Ok ok. I finally got here. Terms and Conditions statements. Yuck, right?

It’s not as bad as it seems. Creating your company’s terms and conditions doesn’t have to get too deep.

Just keep it simple and clear.

The importance of having Terms and Conditions only really comes into play when you have to refer back to them as a reminder of what services your customers have agreed to and what is (and what is not included).


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