I love caching. I really do! But man can it give me a headache when doing migrations. Maybe you have experienced this also perhaps?

This is a short article but provides a quick tip on how to avoid this nightmare and make your migrations much easier.


Unexplainable issues. I know....sounds like a load of crap but that is the best way I can think of phrasing it and is why this became a Migration Nightmare article. Here are some examples:

  • Theme options not being saved
  • Theme option being saved to database but pulled information from database is incorrect.
  • Plugins not pulling in correct data
  • Staging site works perfectly but production (cached site) is breaking.

All of these situations, we have run into personally and found it to be all caching related.


Turn Off Caching BEFORE Migrating

The best solution is to disable caching before doing any migration tasks. For example, with WPEngine, be sure to login to your dashboard, go to WPEngine plugin menu and disable the caching there. This will ensure that any changes you make after the data is migrated over won't run into any caching issues. If you forgot to do this and find yourself running into unexplainable issues, I found it much easier to just start the migration over and turn the caching off before migrating again.