Top Tier WordPress Maintenance for only $69/mo.

Maintenance Includes

  • Incremental Offsite Backups – Each change to your website triggers a secure off-site backup of your website. These are kept for 30 days so that we can restore all of your hard work, even if your host has a catastrophic failure.
  • Core Software Updates – WordPress Core Code Updates as soon as they become available.
  • Plugin Updates – We update all plugins for you, including Premium Plugins every two weeks if there are no vulnerabilities reported.
  • Immediate Plugin Vulnerability Updates – We continuously monitor the daily reports on software vulnerability and will trigger a manual update the instant we hear of anything that may affect you.
  • Extended Functionality Support – our services cover E-Commerce, Membership, and other Premium Plugins
  • Staging Site Maintenance Workflow – All updates are tested first on a staging site so you don’t have to worry about updates bringing down your website.
  • Visual Regression Testing – A combination of tools and humans test staging updates against the front pages of the live version of your website, to minimize the risk of even small issues being missed
  • Cloudflare CDN – Set up your first line of defense to stop hackers and prevent DDoS attacks. Utilize caching through CDN to ensure that even if your site goes ‘down’ the last saved version is always available to your visitors.
  • Continuous Security Scanning – Firewall Protection and Daily Scans for malicious code and malware. We are alerted the instant anything is detected.
  • Uptime Monitoring – We ping your site continuously to see if it is up and running. Downtime is rare but our team is notified immediately whenever an uptime issue occurs.

Support & Consultation with WordPress Career Professionals

Your Business, Your Choice, No Contracts

10 Support & Consultation hours /month
  • The best starting point for established E-Commerce and Membership websites. Incredible value alternative for organizations looking to supplement Marketing and IT without hiring in-house.
(Most Popular)
5 Support & Consultation hours /month
  • Perfect for growing organizations driven by high content publication rates. Minimum for serious E-Commerce or Membership websites.
2 Support & Consultation hours /month
  • Our answer to the prepacked ‘maintenance plans’ on the market. Hours can be used for, consultation, tasks, troubleshooting, and malware removal.

Want a smaller plan but concerned about projects or an unexpected surge in support needs?
That’s OK! Purchase Ad-Hoc Development hours at your convenience.

How do you get started?

Each of our Monthly Plans begins with a Site Assessment. This is a one time project to identify the current state of each website as it begins onboarding to a support & consultation plan. By taking a deep dive into the code base of the site, we are able to highlight potential issues and make recommendations for how to prevent them from becoming future problems.

Assessments are delivered on a call with our Development team and come with a PDF for you to review our findings. We also create a roadmap of suggested tasks and ‘must-do’ items that will ensure you meet current code and best practices. We build on this throughout our relationship with you with continuous monitoring and check-ins of the site code.

Professional Assessment $2400, Basic Assessment $1400

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