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Subscription Support Plans

Basic Plan $300
2 hours of support/month
Our answer to the prepacked ‘maintenance plans’ on the market. This plan is your bare minimum for any serious website. This plan covers sites with up to 10,000 monthly visits.

Professional Plan $750
5 hours of support/month 
Perfect for growing organizations driven by high content publication rates. Minimum for serious ECommerce or Membership websites. This plan covers sites with up to 100,000 monthly visits.

Elite Plan $1,500
10 hours of support/month
The best starting point for established ECommerce and Membership websites. This plan covers sites with up to 500,000 monthly visits. – Incredible value alternative for organizations looking to supplement Marketing and IT without hiring in-house.

Site Assessments

Each of our Support Plans begins with a Site Assessment. This is a one time project to identify the current state of each website as it begins onboarding to a support plan. By taking a deep dive into the code base of the site, we are able to highlight potential issues and make recommendations for how to prevent them from becoming future problems.

Every plan gets the same solid foundation services.

  • Incremental Offsite Backups – Each change triggers a new backup of your site which is kept for 30 days so that we can restore even if your host has a catastrophic failure.
  • Weekly Software Updates – We use people, not “cron jobs”, to update your site. We keep things up to date so your site stays safe from malicious code and runs smoothly at all times, as it should.
  • Personal Care – The folks who answer your questions are the same ones who are helping to fix your problems. There is always one person heading up your issue and tracking it from start to finish.
  • Help with Third Parties – When something goes awry on your EMail Newsletter software or with your host, don’t worry about being the go-between. We handle communication with your chosen providers when you need it.
  • Extended Functionality Support – E-Commerce, membership sites, and Ad networks may scare other teams, but we love to dig into all of the creative ways WordPress can be used for your business.
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Continuous Security Scanning
  • Uptime Monitoring

For our support plan clients, we have an in-house dev team to handle larger projects, that bill at $165/hour. 

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