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3 Must Have Marketing Elements of a Business Website

If you’ve started your own business it’s likely that either you built your own website or had a designer or developer build one for you.

Often in the process of building a site targeted on displaying your products or services, there a a few critical elements of your site may have been missed.

To build a truly well-rounded website you need more than just one or two people thinking about all the elements that make a business successful, and one of those things is Marketing.

You need a team.

But What If You Don’t Have a Marketing Team?

That describes most of us who are self-starting business owners, and as a result we implement our own solutions.

The good news is that there are a plethora of tools and services available for people just like us.

The even better news is that the large majority of them offer some kind of integration with WordPress, the web publishing platform we all know and love.

Here are the 3 Must Have Marketing Elements for your Business Website

Email Marketing

Instituting an email marketing plan can be as simple as offering a subscription to your company blog, or get as detailed as having multiple landing pages, each focused on a target customer persona sending to multiple lists with segmentation and Autoresponder series.

The fact is that having a list of people you know to be interested enough in your product or services to give you their email, is pure business marketing gold.

Here are a few of my favorite email marketing tools.

Social Media Marketing

Ah yes, the ‘ole social media marketing game. If you’ve shied away from creating an engaging and active social channel presence, you’re behind the times and missing several critical customer communication avenues.

If you’re a one or two person team, creating and managing content on all the available networks can be daunting. However, if you take a bot of time in the beginning to identify where your potential customers are active, you can streamline and in many cases automate, much of your content sharing.

These tools will help you do just that.

Visual Marketing

Speaking of social sharing, and even just skimming your company blog posts, images have become the new currency in prompting sharing.

Not all of us have access to a design department who can create engaging and professional looking images to go along with our content, and in the case of infographics, actually be the content.

That’s why these image tools are in my top three.

Having these three marketing elements in place will ensure you’ve set your business website up for success.


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